6 Tips To Guide You When Buying Your First Bong

If you are thinking about buying your first bong you are in luck since the following few paragraphs will help you do just that. Knowledge is power when making any important purchase and for a device that will give you years of smoking pleasure it is important to be a bit picky. The following tips will help even new smokers make the best decisions when purchasing and find a suitable device.

1. Environment

You need to consider where you will be using your device. Will you be travelling with it or will you be using it at home? Do you need to have it tucked away or will it have a dedicated space? Will you need to empty it and store it frequently?

Concealment, durability, portability, and size are all critical factors you need to consider. You have no reason to buy a 10-foot bong if you plan to conceal it because you live with roommates.

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Determine where you will be storing it before you ever set out to buy one. If you have an open and dedicated environment for your device, it is all good. However, if you need it to be discreet, you donít have to spend much on an elaborate device that will be problematic to hide each time.

2. Knowledge

In the market you will find thousands of different types of bongs. Some devices are one-piece units and others have lots of extras. If you choose a multi-part device ensure that all pieces fit together. Make sure that you are aware of the right tools you should use with the device if needed. Start with something you know that you can comfortably handle both in terms of use and cleaning.

3. Care

Will your device of choice be carefully tended or do you tend to be a bit rough on things? Are you after simplicity or are you ready for cleaning and maintenance of a delicate multi-part smoking instrument? Your skill and knowledge in maintaining your piece should not be overwhelmed. Similarly, you should not buy a delicate device if you are in a habit of treating your belongings rough.

4. Material

Glass pieces are simply amazing. They look exciting, clean, and elaborate. However, glass is not the only option available. If you desire something quite forgiving or plan to take the piece on a trip you can choose either metal or plastic.

Thinner glass and ceramic are the most delicate. Plastic is cheaper but can be less durable. High quality glass, and scientific glass in particular can be as durable as high-grade plastic but costs more.

5. Experience

What type of smoking experience are you after? Cool and smooth or hot and hard? Do you prefer smoking concentrates or dry herb? The best way you can find this out is by smoking with friends using their devices and learning your preferences. Once you learn your preferences you can choose a device with the right features and chamber size to give you the ideal smoke.

6. Cost

When shopping for your bong, will it be a short-term fling or a life-long relationship? You obviously donít want to spend too much if you have no plans of keeping your piece for a long period. Since it is your first piece, it is better to go for a low-end price and simplicity.

Final Thoughts

The 6 tips discussed here will help you find your ideal first bong. However, you should keep in mind that smoking preferences usually evolve as time goes by and soon your collection will grow to include different pieces. So, donít stress yourself too much with your first one since you can always buy other better ones in the future.