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10 Golden Rules That Will Make Super Bathroom Design


The bathrooms are so diverse that He suggests the idea – in their design, there are no rules, and any idea can be realized. But there are some guidelines that can help make the inside of the bathroom superb. These rules are relevant regardless of the style chosen for that room. Here some Golden rules to be followed suggested by Bathroom Remodeling Company, who design superb bathroom designs and also provide assistance in Kitchen remodeling.

  1. “Yes” Free Space

The solid area is not among the virtues most bathrooms. But, forgetting about it, many are trying to fill the space to the fullest. Therefore, there are many small bathroom and sanitary furniture, intended for large rooms. The key to success – to find compact counterparts. For example, a shower, bathroom with tub, instead of a separate cabin; Mini Hanging sink instead of integrated into the worktop. The man feels comfortable in the bathroom if you can turn freely, while brushing accidentally against a piece of furniture.

  1. Extremely Urgent Storage

Bathroom – the place where the mysterious path He accumulates many bubbles and bottles with cosmetics. Add to the picture towels, bathrobes … The result – a bathroom starts to look like a warehouse. To avoid this situation, do not forget that the inside of a bathroom must include a storage system. There are plenty of choices – from high shelves to hanging open shelves.

  1. Designs Are No Less Important Than The Overall Image

Even exclusive bathroom design can Beit is ruined if in the process of its implementation have forgotten the importance of details. A striking example – the upper edge of the slabs placed half the height of the wall. On this edge constantly accumulates dust and dirt. To avoid such problems, lay the entire wall tile before plastering or adding an additional layer of drywall on the tiles. Unpleasant printing can produce and glass shower partition adjacent to the bathroom wall. Cleaning the space between them, which can be seen during the shower, very problematic.

  1. Ergonomics – Especially

Often, in the pursuit of luxury design ergonomics fades in the background. What is “the ergonomic interior of the bathroom?” This room, which is easy to clean and where each element – functional, and access to it is easy. So that space has been designed ergonomically.

  1. Worldwide Spatial Reasoning

Inside the bathroom and looking unpolitic, think like a space made up of a set of horizontal and vertical shots. For example, the floor plan, walls, sinks and bath screens, shelves … Ideally, each of these plans does not split into small pieces and kept in one design. So, in most cases, putting some shiny tiles on the wall of a color is not the best idea.

  1. Acute And Obtuse Angles – Prohibited

A small area of the bathroom makes them not the most appropriate space for creative experimentation. So why not combine with the closest bathroom, for example, a bedroom? Partial absence of walls allows you to make the bathroom very well lit, and the two adjacent rooms – more spacious. A compromise solution could be a movable glass partition.

  1. Freedom Of Natural Light

The more natural light in the room – the pleasant one is to find it. Of course, most of the layout of the apartments does not allow sunlight to penetrate into the bathroom. But if the opportunity is there, do not give up, carefully closing the curtain window shutters. To maintain privacy, use frosted glass. It is worth recalling the construction of the practice that existed in Soviet times. It included the presence of a small rectangular window between the bathroom and the room next door at the top of the wall. This window can be made in the case if one of the bathroom walls is not a carrier.

Artificial Light 9. Multi-Level

Air requires multi-level lighting not as much as the other rooms. Maybe a little more. After all, for example, applying makeup only to light from the ceiling lights – is very difficult. So do not forget the little lamp near the mirror.

  1. Original Part For Exclusive Interior

Interior of most bathrooms trendy atmosphere in white tones and laconic cream. This is a win-win-stop solution. But if you want to make an exclusive environment, non-standard parts are needed. The main thing – to find a balance between good taste and bad taste. One or two of the bright accents inside the bathroom would be sufficient. For example, the original features can be bath or wall trimmed with custom colored decorative tiles.

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