Earn Millions of Dollars from Kratom, Ever Deceived Friends and Buyers

by Phume Mdluli

The Story of Muhammad Zakaria, Successful Entrepreneur of Kratom Leaf

Kratom leaves have become a source of livelihood for many people. This plant is a mainstay of about 300,000 small and large scale farmers and entrepreneurs on the island of Kalimantan. Muhammad Zakaria is one of the successful entrepreneurs of this Latin plant called Mitragyna Speciosa.

From his house generated thousands of dollars in a year. What about processed and produced thousands of tons from the factory before being sent to the United States?

A Narrow Alley named Wanara Sakti, Arang Limbung Village, Sungai Raya District, Kubu Raya stands tall and majestic. A minimalist middle-class house, connected to a 7 × 17-meter building. In that back building, a large-scale Kratom for sale production site was produced by this petite young man.

There, crumbs and Kratom powder ready to be shipped to the United States are being processed. Complete with processed equipment imported from China, Purik leaf powder is immediately sent to several states in America. The number of shipments is also no joke, that is, once a ton.

“Sometimes I also send 10, 20, 40 to 100 tons more,” said Zaka, his close friend, when talking to the media crew.

The quality of the Kratom powder before shipment is controlled. There are around 40 people employed there. The details, 22 women and the rest men. “They are residents in Arang Limbung Village,” he said.

The process of producing kratom leaves is not as difficult as one might imagine. From the first planting period, the next three months can be harvested. Kratom itself is no type. “Only the process works. Some of it is fermented, directly sun-dried and then milled, “he said.

After being ground, then enter the filter. Then sifted and sterilized. The sterilizer uses a new UV machine. After everything is passed, 20 kilograms are ready for packing in one package before sending it.

Zaka said that the Kratom leaf business indeed involved many parties. Starting from pickers, farmers, cargo services, transportation employees to small and large scale business elements. The processed powder leaves are sent by air and sea services

Within a month its exports reached 25 tons via air cargo. While 125 tons using container ships to the United States.

“This month alone has around seven containers. One container weighs 20-25 tons using a 40-foot vehicle, “he said.

Another named Purik leaf which he sent was of average grade A quality. It came from Kapuas Hulu, Samarinda, and several other regions. Zaka himself built his farmer and deliberately did not take it from other farmers.

“I bought it in the form of crumbs. Previously, I was tricked into buying from Banjarmasin. It turns out that my kratom leaves are mixed with papaya leaves and mother’s leaves. I felt like crying, I was stressed. A total of 14 tons were not received by the Buyer, “he said.

Despite the trials, don’t be surprised by the results. For the cost of shipping expenses during 2019 (January-November), he reached Rp39 billion through air cargo. “I was also charged PPh 23 for export. I have already paid Rp.400 million for 2019 alone, “he said.

Zaka Buyers themselves in the United States do come from several states. There are at least four loyal buyers there. Until November 2019, the transaction value reached 3,411,980 US dollars. Those who have not paid have reached 418,250 US Dollars. A fantastic figure if the rupiah accumulates Rp. 14,300 (per 1 dollar) equals Rp. 48,791,319,720 in turnover. Luckily, Zakaria itself fits in the order of 1.5-2 million USD / year.

The success he achieved as now is indeed full of twists. His first job was Cleaning Service in a car dealer. Never been in marketing trucks and heavy equipment. In 2013 for domestic companies specialized in heavy equipment transportation. “In 2015, it collapsed,” he said.

From this bankruptcy, Zaka started his kratom leaf business. Initially, he introduced friends to farmers. After the match turned out his friend did not pay farmers.

“I want to cry. I have a moral responsibility. From there I was determined to sell to the United States to cover my friend’s debt burden to farmers, “he said.

Zaka admitted that he had no capital at all. Laptops just have to borrow. First, get customers from Colombia. Goods sent but returned a loss of Rp26 million. “Back got tricked. Not paid at all after the goods are sent, “he said.

Furthermore, Buyers can be American. This buyer has 250 grams of the first trial. Now because honestly, the order has reached 50 tons a month now. “First, buyers for tea consumption. But many expert doctors there help people from drug addiction with kratom, “he said.

The thing that makes it difficult is communication via video calls. Talk at length but do not understand. No wonder he hired the services of translation workers at Garuda Airlines. “The one who received the call was my translator. My Translator can get Rp. 200 million a month. Paid Rp. 50 rupiah per kilogram of kratom leaves sent, “he said.

In the United States, data from buyers shows that in 2005 every 11 minutes there is always an overdose of narcotics. Now since there is a decrease in kratom drastically to 35 percent. That’s why the discourse there is estimated that all American states will legalize kratom. You can learn about different types of platforms that you can use to earn money, on this website: https://www.alter-forum.net

“Now there are only eight states. But slowly the benefits of kratom have been socialized, “he said.

Kratom leaves in America are easier to obtain because they are cheaper than prescription drugs at least 100 dollars a day. “If kratom can be used for 1 month of consumption with 100 dollars,” he said.

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