How to Choose the Right Storage Unit for Your Business

by Phume Mdluli

You’ve probably thought about purchasing, or already have, a storage unit for your personal belongings, but it’s also a great investment for your small business. Sometimes, you just need a little extra space, but not just any space. You want the perfect storage unit that suits your needs and doesn’t empty out your wallet. You can learn about the importance of a reliable storage unit in an organization, on this website:

Here are a few things to consider when looking at storage facilities.

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If you’re looking for a storage unit, look no further than for help with your self-storage needs. USStorageUnits is a national company that has helped people organize their lives by delivering convenient and affordable self-storage solutions. Finding the right space comes down to where you need to set up shop for your business, so you’ll naturally want to look into self-storage facilities that are located near your business.

It may also help to find storage spaces near your home for access on the way to the office, or if you’re setting up shop out of your house. Depending on your storage needs, some facilities can offer you ground floor units that especially come in handy when loading and unloading at a consistent rate.


Unit sizes will vary, but it’s important to consider just what you’re keeping stored away. There’s no sense in getting a unit designed for vehicle storage if you’re not putting a car inside. Storage facilities will provide a unit size guide to give you an understanding of the dimensions of the units available before purchasing them. For example, student storage units are designed to hold what a college kid may keep in their dorm and have to clean out at the end of the semester.

Be sure to take inventories of your items before moving forward with purchasing a storage rental. Common sizes usually are 5’x5’, 5’x10’, 10’x10’, 10’x15’, and 10’x20’ at most self-storage facilities. Consider utilization of the space as well, as that extra space storage can act as a satellite operation for certain businesses to be able to send items for transport.


Most self-storage facilities offer round-the-clock surveillance cameras, and even security on-site, to ensure your items are well-protected. Some facilities come with gate access, so you’re able to enter the storage unit at any hour. Be sure to consider what you’re putting in that storage unit, as you want to be sure that it’s safe from any kind of burglary or vandalism.

Some storage units are opting for what’s known as a camera bullet—security cameras with longer outside casing to create an expanded scope of surveillance. These are ideal for large areas, specifically outdoor storage facilities and parking lots. These visible security cameras are easier to install compared to most other options. Without having to remove any cover, bullet cameras can be mounted to a wall or ceiling. Outdoor bullet cameras are also high resolution, with IP66 and IP67 ratings that also come with night vision capabilities. Analog bullet cameras are also easy to connect with any closed surveillance system already in place.


The self-storage industry understands that sometimes people need these units in a pinch, and they need a cheap storage unit. For business expenses, the size of the unit and the length of stay in that storage facility end up impacting your costs. There’s also the potential to purchase an insurance policy to protect your business possessions inside the unit. It doesn’t hurt to have that safety net, even in the most secure facilities.

Be sure to weigh the cost of the self-storage unit with what you need to use the space for. The right self-storage space is one that best checks the boxes on all of these concepts for you and your small business. Research storage facilities before locking into a deal for a storage unit that may not be the best one suited for your needs.

Learn more about different types of storage units and their best use-case scenarios, on this website:

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