Looking at Leaky Pipes

by James Barret

The first step in taking a closer look at leaky pipes is shutting the water supply off. Leaky pipe repair Simi Valley residents can reduce stress by tracking down the source of the leak. Quick fixes exist, but sometimes the best policy is finding an expert. You can learn about the benefits of using plastic pipes instead of metallic pipes for plumbing, on this website: http://www.decoratingparty.com

Examining Epoxy Putty Potential

Temporary fixes are necessary when the leak is large or making a phone call for a repair. Epoxy putty will seal a leak until someone looks at the problem.

  • Turn off the water supply.
  • Drain the water from the leaking line and clean the area that requires a quick patch. Ensure it is dry for proper adherence.
  • Pinch off enough epoxy to patch the leak.
  • Knead the putty to for the application.
  • Apply the epoxy putty and allow it to dry per the instructed process.
  • Turn the water back on and double check the fix.

Short-Term Repair with Repair Clamps

Larger leaks and splits require larger temporary repairs. Repair clamps are the answer for a busted pipe that needs to hold a little longer.

  • Turn off the water flow and clean around the split.
  • Grab a file and smooth out the rough edges so no further damage takes place.
  • Place the patch and clamp evenly over the leaky portion of the pipe
  • Tighten the repair clamp until the seal on the split is firm.
  • Turn the water back on and double check that the short-term repair is holding.

Emergency Pipe Repair Kit with Tape

While searching for leaky pipe repair Simi Valley, repair kits are handy to have to plug up a leaky pipe.

Repair kits range in what they hold. Pipe repair kids with tape provide a quick, emergency fix for a major problem.

  • Shut off the water supply to fittings or pipes.
  • Follow the kit instructions and wrap the tape around the damaged area.
  • The tape will harden and alert when it safely encases the pipe.
  • Turn water on and check for any leaks around the adhesive.

Remember, pipe putty, repair clamps, and repair kid tape is temporary solutions for an emergency issue. A fixed leak will hold long enough to find a leaky pipe repair Simi Valley. Hiring a professional will save on property damage and a dent in the wallet.

Keep in mind that other types of fittings and pipes will provide other easy-to-fix options. It is best to give guides a look to decipher which materials they use. When going to a home improvement store, taking a few pictures with a cellphone camera is helpful when learning what method works best or what supplies will get the leak sealed up as soon as possible.

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