Positive Cybersecurity Habits That Businesses Should Adopt

by Phume Mdluli

Many businesses are under the false impression that cybersecurity works as a one-time application. They believe that by simply putting in place an antivirus solution, technology will keep them protected against any and every kind of attack.

In the real world, that is not how it works. While technology, solutions, and tools are important, the human factor in cybersecurity cannot be negated. This is why most experts refer to developing a ‘cybersecurity culture’ in business organizations.

They point out that rather than a one-time thing, cybersecurity is more about habits and continuous processes. In other words, it is something that is always ongoing and requires human input to perform its role in the best possible manner. You can learn about the importance of data protection, on this website: https://www.people-hunters.com

In this article, we look at some positive cybersecurity habits that businesses should adopt. However, before we get to the list of habits, let us first look at what creating a culture of cybersecurity actually means.

Developing a Cybersecurity Culture within your Business Organization

A CEO or the marketing head of a company may be up-to-date with everything there is to know about cybersecurity. But the question is- does your new sales recruit have the same knowledge or is technically proficient in the same way when it comes to questions on cybersecurity?

The probable answer is not! While not everyone in the business organization will be at the same levels, creating a cybersecurity culture by training and educating everyone that has access to company information and data becomes critical.

This not only helps when there is an actual threat but also triggers questions and suspicion in the minds of the employees if something looks amiss. They can raise it with the concerned IT team if they see an anomaly in this regard. Creating a cybersecurity culture is very important.

Three Positive Cybersecurity Habits that Businesses should adopt

1. The Belief that you are Never Completely Safe and Secure- 

If your team members and organization believe that they can be attacked at any time, they will always be on their best guard. This is something that organizations need to inculcate in the employees. If it has not happened till now, chances are that it can always take place.

This is not being pessimistic or negative. Rather, this is a way to stay realistic and understand that there can be problems that come up from anywhere. This kind of sentiment leads to something called stage-preparedness where you know what you have to do to protect yourself.

2. Strong and Ever-Changing Passwords within the Organization- 

Most cybersecurity experts agree that it is simple solutions that can help in improving the security of one’s organization. Changing passwords is something most of us never do. However, if experts are to be believed, it can be the thing that can protect against attacks.

Cybercriminals try to break passwords by running them through automated software. This usually takes a long time. If you keep changing your password, criminals will not be able to have one password to run through the software. This is a habit that needs to be inculcated.

3. Deepfakes and Link Click Happy Employees- 

If something looks too real to be true, it is probably false. As human beings, we are increasingly drawn to clickbait. As an organization, the top leadership can start training on how and why spurious links need to be not clicked on. Employees need to be trained on the perils of phishing.

Cybercriminals are using deepfakes in the realm of images and videos to make people click, interact and engage with dangerous things. The more time you stay on a website after clicking a spurious link, the more time a hacker gets to implant malware or ransomware.

The Bottom Line

All these positive habits mentioned above can help in creating a culture of cybersecurity in business organizations. This needs to be told and done on an everyday basis till the time the employees know and are aware to do this on their own.

Additionally, businesses should have in place a certificate chain for greater online trust and transaction capabilities, use updated antivirus solutions and invest in cybersecurity tools to boost levels of protection.

If you wish to know more about cybersecurity or have any questions in mind, feel free to list them in the comments section below.

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