The Things Your Booth Staff Can Do To Help Your Stand Get Noticed

by Phume Mdluli

Irrespective of how excellent your promotions are, if your booth staff is not paying attention, you could end up losing leads and brand equity without even noticing. However, there are certain things they could do to bring more attention to your booth and help you make the most out of the event. Here is how they can help you achieve that:

Dress for the day

Khaki pants and the company’s polo may sound like suitable attire for your tradeshow booth staff, but things would be much better if the outfit were coordinated with the brand and your booth’s theme. This will help make you stand out immediately and start getting the attention of the tradeshow attendees.

Get off the screen

If your staffers can’t get their hands and eyes off their phones, then they won’t have the face-to-face time available to spend with attendees. Besides, it is a rude gesture and can convey that your staff is negligent and uninterested in engaging valuable booth visitors. Personal phones should always be kept away so that your crew has the time and focus needed to tend to visitors. You can learn about best practices to increase the productivity of your employees, on this website:

Save the snacks for a later time

When your staff eats during the show, the message that they are putting forth, is that they are not ready for business. Eating should be done before or after the event is over. Of course, there should be coordinated breaks for lunch, but no food should be eaten at the stand.

Proper wire management

A cluttered mess of wires on the floor is not just a hazard in terms of tripping, but will also make the booth look untidy and unprofessional. If you have an island or peninsula exhibit, it is imperative to have proper wire management implemented by your booth staff. The last thing you want, is a potential client tripping and getting injured due to the many wires crisscrossing about the floor.

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