What Is Wibb And How Is It Different From Wifi? Read On!

by Phume Mdluli
wireless broadband

Internet can reach your house today using different types of mediums and sources. WiBB or Wireless Broadband is one such medium. In this article, we will understand how WiBB works and how is it compared to a Fiber connection. You can learn about various types of network connections, on this website: free-pc-guides.com

Let’s get to it.

What is WiBB?

WiBB or wireless broadband is a service which provides high-speed internet using a wireless local network (WLAN) or wireless wide area network (WWAN).

Wireless Broadband (WiBB) is of two types:

  • Fixed WiBB
  • Mobile WiBB

We will discuss the difference between Fixed and Mobile WiBB further in the article.

How is WiBB different from wifi connection?

People often use WiBB and wifi interchangeably. But, both are different terms.

A wifi connection helps to connect various devices together in a Local Area Network or LAN. Basically, with wifi, all devices connected use the same communications line. This network can be used to connect the devices to the internet using another medium. Whereas wireless broadband delivers internet itself to a single device wirelessly. This device can be connected to other devices using wifi or an ethernet.

How does wireless broadband work?

Imagine an Internet Service Provider or ISP which uses WiBB to deliver internet service to multiple users in a wide area. This delivered internet can be accessed by connecting to a modem. The modem is linked to a single WiBB provider.

As mentioned above, WiBB is of two types – Fixed and Mobile. Let’s talk about these terms more to understand the functioning of a wireless broadband.

Fixed Wireless Broadband

As the name suggests, fixed wireless broadband uses a single device which can’t be moved from its location to provide internet to a large space like an office or a home. The device used by a fixed wireless broadband can either be a device with just one slot for ethernet cable or it can be like a modern-day modem with wifi access points and an additional router.

The device is usually mounted somewhere central and high in the space with antennas to provide better connectivity.

Your home modem system from an ISP is a good example of a fixed wireless broadband.

Mobile Wireless Broadband

Mobile WiBB or cellular WiBB is internet delivered using a telephone network. The internet signals are sent and received from the cellular base station and are wirelessly transmitted to the modem, which in this case is a mobile phone or a portable hotspot device. This is what we call mobile broadband.

WiMAX – A different type of WiBB

A WiMAX wireless network is similar to a wifi network. But the technology used is different than wifi. Although, it covers more area than wifi, but its speed is lower than a 4G network.

Wrapping up

Both fixed and mobile WiBB offer high-speed internet. The fixed ones are better suited for offices and homes whereas mobile WiBB is good for personal use. You can check internet speed for both these networks online and compare the speed to find which one you should opt for.

If you are opting for a fixed WiBB connection, check out Airtel broadband connection for home. You can also check other competitors in the market to compare prices, speed, and customer service.

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