10 Serious Mistakes in Dissertation Writing Graduates Should Avoid

by James Barret
Writing Graduates

A dissertation is probably the most complex academic assignment. It requires a lot of time, in-depth knowledge, advanced writing skills, etc. It allows receiving a degree or qualification for the future profession. Accordingly, the demands are very strict and many graduates fail the challenge. You can learn about the different phases and tasks you have to complete in order to secure your degree, on this website: https://eastavenuebooks.com

Thus, many folks say “I want to pay someone to write my dissertation”. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t be afraid of this assignment. Simply remain collected, enthusiastic, and attentive. Oftentimes, all you need is to know about the typical mistakes to avoid them. Therefore, we offer to briefly review the 10 most serious mistakes made by graduates while they write their dissertations.

Irrelevant Topic

The first trouble occurs in the very beginning. It’s a topic, which is irrelevant, meaningless, and thus, useless. Graduates choose already studied and solved problems. Such topics aren’t scientifically helpful. You should choose a problem without a good solution and find the clues. Another variant is to analyze and clarify some complex terms to provide the necessary insights.


Many folks are unable to clearly express their thoughts. They implement sentences, which have little or no relation to the main question of research. Sometimes, there are used unknown words, abbreviations, colloquial language, etc.

Inappropriate Structure

Some people seem to be unable to follow the structure. A dissertation has several sections. They can be referred to as theory and practice. If you don’t follow the assigned structure step by step but interchange the sections, your work won’t be accepted.

Unreadable Text

Sometimes, graduates cannot present their texts correctly. They don’t follow an assigned scientific style. The others implement too many technical terms and it also spoils the clarity of the message. It must be understandable for ordinary readers too. The text must be logical, consistent, fluent, smoothly divided into plain sections, etc.

Wrong References

Another serious mistake is making the wrong references. Your hypotheses, concepts, proposals and similar points must be supported with approved evidence. Unfortunately, many writers don’t thoroughly verify the information sources they use in their own research. They make the entire project worthless and it cannot be trusted.


Many students violate a balance between theory and practice. Some theorize too much. The others write about the practical aspects. This shows a lack of professionalism. Such dissertations are hard to read. They commonly lack a lot of important facts and details, their structure is unclear, etc.

Incorrect Formatting

Every academic assignment must be formatted and structured in accordance with a certain style. It may be APA, MLA, Chicago, and others. It’s required to follow certain guidelines to make correct citations, headers, margins, fonts, references, and similar stuff. Many students neglect the major guidelines and so, they deprive themselves of essential grades.

Poor Time Management

Time is of great importance but many people cannot use it reasonably. This error goes two ways. Some students begin too late. They forget how lengthy and complicated a dissertation is. They begin at the last minute and violate the deadline.

The second type of students begin too early. They don’t have a clear view of what their project should be like. They lack dependable information, organization, etc. Their dissertation is commonly messy and irrelevant.

Neglection of Professor’s Help

Another quite silly error is to refuse the help of an academic supervisor. An experienced person will tell you what to do and how. You may learn how to avoid some mistakes, to include the ones mentioned in this article. Obligatorily use your feedback hours with your supervisor.

Exaggeration of Opportunities and Abilities

Many graduates mistakenly believe they’ll handle such a difficult task quickly and smoothly. They don’t give much heed to the deadlines, stages of preparation, writing, and revising. Oftentimes, students started to work too late and couldn’t submit their dissertation on time. The others didn’t bother with the reliability of the sources they use. Some folks never revise their texts, etc.

You should have a clear plan. Set reminders and deadlines. Never violate the rules, do everything on time and obligatorily check anything you write and/or add.

Obligatorily reminisce our list of 10 serious mistakes before you begin to write your dissertation. Thus, you’ll know what to avoid. It’ll provide you with the desired success.

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