Import motorcycles without any hassle by following these steps

by Phume Mdluli
Import motorcycles

A motorcycle enthusiast knows no borders when it comes to the love for the beast of a machine. Many motorcycle lovers these days don’t mind spending an extra penny to import it to their city. Though figuring out how to import is a detailed process. You can learn about the vehicle import and export policies and regulations, on this website:

As new it might seem to you, the motorcycle import business has been around for a long time. More often than not, you can see people running a regular business out of import and export. Find email contacts of the ones from your locality to know the process.

Here are some brief points you need to know about importing the vehicle,

Importing into the US

If you’re importing the motorcycle into the US then, you’ll need to comply with the rules and regulations laid by EPA and DOT. The Environment Protection Agency and Department of Transportation has specific requirements pertaining to emission and safety.

When the motorcycle passes through all of those requirements, the import procedure becomes an easy task. DOT explicitly checks the bike’s brake hoses and system, Tyres and rims, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) etc. If the vehicle does not comply with their standards, then you might have to make necessary changes to it.

Choose and find

There are a lot of options out there for you to choose the vehicle. Decide on the model that you want to own and find the nearest dealership. If there isn’t one in your country, then find the country that provides an export facility. Double-check about the seller and their documentation for your own security.

Once everything is clear, you need to find the right agent near your locality that commonly ships the vehicles. It is safer to go through an agent because they will take care of all the documentation and advise you with the best offers. Paying a certain fee to the agent is more beneficial and time-saving than running around the government offices with documents.

Shipping process 

The next step of getting the motorcycle is to get it shipped safely and without a scratch! Get all the approvals and documents ready. Decide with the agent as to how you want the vehicle to be shipped. Should it be by water or air? Mind you that, both charge differently.

The motorcycle is packed in crates when shipped through air freight, and containers are for the ships. The shipment companies use containers because they often ship the bikes as per the demand. The shipment companies provide door delivery and also port delivery. Choosing one is at your discretion.

The bills

You need certain documents for every stage of the shipment. It is for your own security. You’d obviously need a commercial invoice that includes the details of the vehicle’s origins and seller & buyers details. You will then need a packing list which is nothing but a checklist given by shippers. The customs agent needs both of these documents.

A bill of lading is issued by carriers for both – importers who need the merchandise and exporters who need to be paid. It has all the international shipping details with the tracking numbers. Thus, making it easier for you to track your shipment. It also acts as insurance and refunds you the money for any damage or delay.

Learn more about different types of taxes and charges you may be asked while importing the auto vehicles, on this website:

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