7 Best Basketball Gifts to Buy

by James Barret
Best Basketball Gifts

Knowing one’s passion gives you a great base to buy them a perfect gift. Why? Well, because anything you get fits their theme of interest. Still, this doesn’t mean that you can’t go wrong here. For instance, you can go wrong if you decide to get a basketball fan something they already have or to give them a token of a team that they consider to be a rival. Even giving them something branded by the team that they have no feelings towards can feel like a miss. Also, getting them something that they already own might not feel as impressive. Either way, here are the top seven best basketball gifts to help you get started.

1. A book

If they’re an avid basketball fan, they’re bound to have a G.O.A.T. player in mind. Chances are, for the reasons of nostalgia, that this player has long since retired, which is why they might just have written a memoir. You would be surprised at just how much-invested sports fans are in the trivia and lifestyle of their favorite athletes. This is why you should use your conversation as a vessel to figure out who they admire and get them the basketball biography or book about basketball they need.

2. Wall ball holder

Giving them a basketball ball (unless it’s signed by someone important) is quite unimaginative and plain. As a basketball fan they probably already have quite a few of these balls, however, by bequeathing them with a gadget that will help them wall-mount this ball and keep it on display is another thing entirely. The ball holder itself is easy to install, it’s quite durable and it helps them reduce the floor clutter. It’s a wall ornament as much as it’s a basketball gift. This is where the majority of this gift’s ingenuity comes from.

3. Basketball jersey

The simplest way to get them a great gift is to just order them a jersey of their favorite team. However, the problem lies in the fact that they already have one. So, the first time you come over, inquire about the number on the jersey or the player wearing it. Then, you can get them one that they don’t already have or one with their name written on it. By ordering basketball jerseys online, you get more customization options and a wider selection of choice.

4. Garage roof mount hoop

This gift is a bit tricky because it A) may cost you an arm and a leg and B) depends on the type of garage that they have. Still, if the gift budget is not an issue and they’ve always wanted to have a garage hoop, this is, most likely, the way to go. Moreover, this gives them a chance to get the most value out of their limited driveway and garage wall space. This roof-mount system would, therefore, be the only option that they have available.

5. Inflatable pool basketball hoop

Previously, we’ve mentioned the risk of getting them something that they already own. Well, by getting them an inflatable pool basketball hoop, you’ll avert this risk quite effectively. Still, before you do that, you need to check/know whether they have a pool, to begin with. On the other hand, this can be a fun man-cave accessory, even without a body of water to put it in. Either way, the gift is witty, unique and just right.

6. Hand grip strengthener

If you plan to give them something cheap, simple and efficient in improving their ball game, you can’t go wrong with a hand grip strengthener. This is an item that you can get for just a couple of dollars, which means that it’s something that you can give to someone who you’ve just met without it feeling awkward. This will help them considerably improve their grip strength.

7. Dummy defender training mannequin

Finally, if you want to spend a bit more in order to help them become a better basketball player, you can get them a dummy defender training mannequin. Training their dribbling game without any opposition is quite ineffective. Sure a mannequin doesn’t move but they give one a chance to practice their side-to-side movement, without just running straight to the hoop. Also, it obstructs their field of vision (when they stand close enough), which is a bit closer to the experience that they would face in a real basketball game.

At the end of the day, your ability to pick a perfect gift depends on how well you know the person in question. In other words, it’s your research that will determine the success rate of this gift and nothing else.

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