Practical Ways to Warm Up Your Bathroom for Winter

by Phume Mdluli

Once the temperatures drop and the cold weather sets in, the bathroom can become a dreaded space within the home. From the chilly tiles to cold bathroom appliances, the whole space can be very uninviting. There are many practical ways in which you can create a warmer, more inviting environment within the bathroom, continue reading to find out how.

Check the Plumbing

First things first, you want to check the plumbing within your bathroom and ensure everything is working as it should be. There’s nothing worse than switching the shower on and finding the hot tap takes ages to warm up or coming across a slight leak that is only going to build up and get worse as time passes by. You’ll find that many local timber merchants, like Milford Building Supplies, offer a selection of plumbing essentials and can provide you with the plumbing and heating equipment required to maintain your bathrooms overall condition.

Tweak the Lighting

Many people opt for bright white lighting within the bathroom, which is ideal for creating a fresh, clean feel. During the winter, however, this style of lighting can actually have a negative effect and make the space feel cold and clinical, which you want to avoid. For the colder months, look at changing your lighting slightly and investing in some softer, yellow-toned bulbs, like the ones featured here, as this will create a much warmer feel within the room.

Add Heated Flooring

Imagine walking bare foot into the bathroom and being greeted with a warm tiled floor. It’s almost dreamy, but it’s also very achievable. Underfloor heating is a feature that has become extremely popular within bathrooms and kitchens, making tiles flooring much more bearable during the colder months. Whilst it can be a pricier luxury, it’s something that will transform your home and create a much more inviting feel within an instant. With popular brands like Warmup providing high-quality underfloor heating, you can find the perfect type to suit your needs.

Install a Towel Rail

After a lovely warm shower or a toasty bath, the next step is to snuggle up in a heated towel to maintain the comforting experience. By installing a heated towel rail within your bathroom, you can keep your towels toasty and warm, ready for you to use after your shower. This kind of warmth will make using the bathroom much more pleasurable during the winter, so it’s a huge benefit to have one added. Heated towel rails are also great for heating up the room too, working just like a radiator would, which is another bonus when trying to keep the space warm and inviting.

Get a Cosy Rug

There are many different opinions on having rugs in the bathroom, but as long as you don’t substitute your bathmat for the rug, you’re good to go. Rugs can really help to create a much warmer atmosphere, adding a touch of character to the décor too. It’s important to keep the bath mat in place, as you don’t want your rug to start soaking up all of the excess water, but it works great for keeping your feet warm when you’re standing at the sink or doing your hair in the mirror.

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