A simple and cheap home upgrade that will make a great difference.

by Phume Mdluli

Everyone wants to decorate their house, be it the rich, mediocre, or the poor. However, people belonging to the last two social classes often find it difficult to upgrade their home décor. If anyone tells you that home décor is only for the rich, then he might not have known a few of the basic tricks for home décor. If you have all the basic home accessories, then simple rearrangements can change the entire look of your house within a minimum budget. You can learn about the home improvement methods that you can consider if you have a limited budget, on this website: http://www.green-house-shion.com

There are several cheap and affordable ways to decorate the walls; for example, you can have the peel and stick removable wallpaper. They would not cost you as much as the permanent wallpapers, and you can take these off whenever needed.

Decorate the walls with removable wallpapers.

Only a rich person can afford to have the permanent wallpaper. The wiser one will always pick the removable wallpaper. If you are wondering why pick the removable wallpaper? Then you should ask yourself if you can stand the same permanent wallpaper for years? No right, then it is a no-brainer.

Find the best color wallpaper, create some faux windows, a reading nook, or cover the cabinets with the ombre stick and peel wallpaper. For every room, you must choose two to four colors; contrastive colors will give a more spruced-up look to your rooms.

Decorate the stairs.

By decorating the stairs, we never mean to remake them. All which is expected of you is adding a new peel and stick wallpaper on the ascending side of the stairs, facing the one climbing them. Some bold and prominent patterns will work here.

Secondly, you must add a few more lights to the stairs; a dark staircase will never look decorated. To make it prominent, you should install a few light sockets in the staircase area. Lastly, place an indoor plant at the middle stair, and wrap some decoration lights around it too.

Kitchen décor

Get a high-quality kitchen cleaner and clean the entire kitchen properly. Now order some backsplash tiles, and peel and stick wallpapers. Paste the wallpapers on the cabinets, and the backsplash tiles, around the basin. The idea to have the wallpaper and backsplash tiles in the kitchen is to add color to the mundane kitchen.

Move the furniture.

Do you have a foyer table at your place? Most of us do and end up using it as a console table. Do not do it. Place that foyer table in the doorways and hallways. Secondly, the end tables are also very important. They are required to fill up the places where there are some empty spaces.

The indoor plants

It is one of the cheapest ways to decorate your room. Get the simple pots, some poster colors, ropes, and tiny indoor plants. Paint the pots, wrap the ropes around them, and let the indoor plants hang with the windows or in the kitchen. You can also add a few indoor plants in the living room.

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