Different Types of Murphy Beds to Explore

by James Barret

Are you having some space issues? In case your small bedroom or home is turning into a cramped space, you may be able to solve the issue with decluttering. One of the best solutions that you can use for saving space is to replace your traditional bed with a wall bed by Murphy. In simple terms, Murphy beds are undoubtedly an inventive invention because they are designed for reducing clutter in any space and improving organization. What exactly are Murphy beds? These are the bed frames that are connected to a shelving unit, which can be flipped upwards and stored against the wall of your room. You can learn about it on this website: http://www.greenrenters.org

However, one important thing to note is that not all the Murphy beds are made equal. There are numerous designs and varieties that you will find to suit different spaces, styles and decluttering needs. These beds are the top choice for studios, lofts, vacation homes, basements, offices and children’s rooms. The concept of these space saving Murphy beds has been around for decades. Nonetheless, these beds have evolved significantly since their inception and now you can find them in different designs and shapes. The original design of the Murphy bed was referred to as the ‘bed in closet’ design and remains quite popular to this day.

This particular design typically flips up directly and you can move it easily against the wall or into a closet. The current designs that originate from the bed in closet design fold up into a shelving unit. It is regarded as an excellent design because it does a great job of concealing the bed without having to move it physically into the closet. In addition, the storage space provided by this design also makes it more appealing as it provides organization capabilities. If you prefer the classic bed with a closet style or you are looking for some other interesting variation, you can get Murphy beds custom-built to suit any bed sizes.

Some of the different types that you can explore are:

Closet doors and Murphy beds

If you want a mostly disguised and concealed Murphy bed, this variation would work for you as it includes a pair of closet doors. When you have lifted the bed and stored it in the frame alongside the wall, you can just close the closet doors for concealing the bed’s underside. The wood exterior of the bed’s frame and the bottom are usually a match, but the closet doors can make it appear like a closet instead of a big wooden slab on the wall.

Bed sofa Murphy bed

The name itself is quite self-explanatory. When you flip up the bed, the reveals a nice seating area. When you flip it down, the seating area will disappear under the bed.

This particular design is considered ideal for studio apartments and guest rooms. For more information visit bestsofacovers.com/best-sofa-bed/ also get a buyer option if you like one of these.

Do-it-yourself Murphy bed

This particular design has gained a lot of popularity because of their reduced price tag. It is considered a great option for those who are a fan of do-it-yourself. These days, you can easily find do-it-yourself kits for Murphy beds, which come with the necessary instructions and hardware for installing your own Murphy bed. There are a number of such kits floating around and you can use any one of them if you like doing things on your own.

The everything Murphy bed

If you are looking to go all out and want a Murphy bed that packs all your furniture needs in one place, it is not impossible. Some of the variations of Murphy beds include a desk, lift and store frame, cabinets, a couch, craft table, bookshelves and plenty more.

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