Explore The Beauty Of Gulmarg Like Never Before

by Phume Mdluli

Other hill stations and valleys are just a slice of what Gulmarg offers to those desiring an escape from the mundane yet chaotic escape from city. Nestled in the Western Himalayas, the beautiful scenery, vibrant colours and hillocks decorated with pine make this summer resort an extraordinary experience. Filled with tourist delights and the best resorts in Srinagar, it also offers a comfortable and memorable stay in the presence of the grandeur of Nature. The visual delight of the snowscapes as well as the thrilling activities here guarantee an adventure of a lifetime. You can learn about the natural travel destinations that are not popular enough but worth visiting once in a while, on this website: visatyping 

If you still need more reasons to plan a vacation here, then listed below are a few major attractions that might interest you.

To have an enchanting view of the snow-capped Mount Aparwath, you can take the Gulmarg Gondola. A Gondola is basically a cable car that gives you a magnificent view of the mountains as well as the valley below. There are two phases in the journey, but the journey is as sweet as the destination, and you will be swept away by nature’s gentle yet fierce beauty as you take in a sweeping view of the beauteous mountain.

  • Snow Skiing

Snow Skiing is something most Indians have seen only on television, and only dreamt of experiencing it. Well, Gulmarg happens to be the centre of India’s ski sport and witnesses the arrival of ski enthusiasts around the globe. It not only offers modern infrastructure, but also more skiing options such as heliskiing. It is never a bad idea to try something new, and you never know, skiing might turn into one of your hobbies.

  • The Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, then Gulmarg has something for you as well. The Gulmarg Biosphere reserve provides a natural habitat for local species such as the black bear, red fox, Himalayan musk deer, and brown bear, apart from the many species of birds that visit the reserve, both migratory and resident. The duration of March to May would be the best for birdwatchers, considering the arrival of migratory birds. For animal sightings though, September to March is ideal. The right combination of wetlands, thick bush and extensive forest make it one of the best wildlife experiences.

  • Alpather Lake

Alpather Lake is located even beyond the Aparwath peak and so remains completely frozen till June. This lake is triangle shaped, and lies at the foot of the Aparwath. The backdrop is no less captivating, covered with snowy hills and terrains. Hikers and trekkers find solace in its wondrous beauty. If you are interested in photography, then it is a site that you cannot miss, for the scintillating backdrop provides an amazing canvas to unleash your creativity. It is also a popular romantic destination and couples love to spend time in the midst of nature.

  • Outer Circle Walk

The Outer Circle Walk is a trekker’s and hiker’s delight, and covers a distance of eleven kilometres around the Gulmarg valley. The track is set amidst tall pines, lush meadows and iconic landscapes. The fresh air and mesmerising views make it one of the best experiences to have. The rugged terrain also offers views of the Nanga Parbat, which is the fourth highest mountain crest in the world. Haramukh and Sunset Peaks are two other popular tourist attractions located on the way.

Do not forget to book your stay in one of the best hotels in Gulmarg so that you enjoy the best service and hospitality available in the quaint little summer resort.

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