The Top 5 Hiking Tours in Switzerland

by Phume Mdluli

Switzerland has breathtaking mountain scenery that tourists should admire when visiting the country. If you’re planning a vacation of a lifetime, make sure to check out these top five hiking tours in Switzerland to snap pictures worth framing. You can learn about the travel and tourism agencies that can be considered for family trips, on this website: wallstsouth 

1.Engadine and St. Moritz

This mountain region features glacial bowls, rugged ridges and radiating valleys that are a true gem. Hikers can travel the peaks and valleys surrounded by quiet, since this area is more remote than other parts of the Alps. The peaks especially are some of the highest in the country; Piz Bernina is 4,000 meters above sea level and offers unbeatable views.


The Jungfrau region is often regarded as one of the most beautiful on earth. Colliding glaciers, alpine meadows, forest trails and dazzling waterfalls create a landscape that is wonderfully varied. Visitors who choose to spend several days in the area leave thinking they haven’t seen enough; fortunately, you can book an extensive hike lasting over a week.

3.Swiss Alps

You can travel the Swiss Alps via cable ascents and cogwheel railroads. Don’t assume that hiking is only walking; there are opportunities to take in the picturesque views while relaxing. Hiking tours in Switzerland provide an opportunity to go to isolated peaks without extensive physical effort.

4.Bernese Alps

Wildflower fields, waterfalls and everything in between can be found in the Bernese Alps. This region attracts international travelers from around the world that are thirsting for fresh air and one-of-a-kind views. An expert guide can ensure that everyone stays safe while diving deep into the history and biology of the nature.

5.French Alps

Glaciers, crystal lakes, waterfalls and spired peaks await you in the French Alps. Relaxed hiking tours in Switzerland allow you to take in the splendor by day while staying in a luxurious hotel by night. You can even partake in local cuisine at picnic areas surrounded by mountain vistas.

Choose the Best Touring Company for Your Adventure

Planning a trip to Switzerland can be simple if you trust an excellent touring company such as Alpenwild. For one low price, you can book lodging, food and a pre-planned itinerary that covers all the major spots of a particular region.  The itinerary is not set in stone; you can choose to travel to spots as you see fit. Whether you tag along with a group and expert guide or go solo, the tours are designed with your comfort as a priority.

These top five hiking tours in Switzerland are perfect for a dream vacation. A visit to Switzerland isn’t complete without an invigorating mountain tour.

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