Hiring a Pedestrian Accident Attorney: Knowing Your Legal Options

by Phume Mdluli
Accident Attorney

Road accidents are common, especially on busy streets. Unfortunately, pedestrians are victims of many vehicle collisions, sustaining serious injuries that require extensive medical treatment and lead to missed workdays. If you have sustained injuries in a pedestrian accident, you want to be compensated for your losses because of another party’s negligence. To get the maximum compensation you deserve, you should learn more about your legal options today

Most Pedestrian Accidents are Caused by Negligence

In accidents that involve a pedestrian, the latter is usually the one who sustains the most serious injury. Those who are inside the vehicle that hit a pedestrian are protected by the car’s metal and other safety measures like airbags and seatbelts. But pedestrians do not have this protection, making them quite vulnerable to serious injuries. 

As with other kinds of collisions, accidents that involve pedestrians result from another person’s negligence. All road users should exercise reasonable care and obey traffic rules. Failure to do so can lead to serious consequences that usually affect pedestrians. Negligence may arise from different factors like distracted driving, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, jaywalking, running a red light, and others. 

Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Pedestrians who have been hit by a car can sustain injuries such as cuts and scrapes, soft tissue injuries, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, neck and back injuries, internal bleeding, and spinal cord damage. Some injuries are not obvious from the outside. Internal bleeding, ligament tears, and muscle damage may not surface at once. Because of this, victims should seek immediate medical attention after an accident. 

Why Hire an Attorney

After sustaining injuries in a car accident, victims must see a doctor to get a medical evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. Also, they should consult with an attorney to know their legal options and protect their rights. If their injury resulted from the negligence of the car driver, the latter should be held liable for your damages. 

A pedestrian accident attorney will handle communication with the driver’s insurance company. They can submit the necessary paperwork required by the insurer and negotiate a fair settlement with them. Also, your attorney will ensure the insurer will not take advantage of your situation and ensure you get the full compensation you are entitled to. If your case goes to trial, your attorney will also give you legal representation. They will present arguments, demonstrating why the at-fault driver should compensate you. 

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