How a Criminal Conviction Can Impact Different Aspects of Your Life?

by James Barret
criminal defense lawyer

Have you been charged with a crime? If so, you are probably wondering what penalties you will face when convicted. Although a criminal conviction can have immediate serious consequences that include imprisonment, fines, probation, and suspension of your driver’s license, it can also have long-term repercussions. A criminal charge on your record can impact your employment, finances, education, immigration status, and family life. Usually, such consequences also include damage to your reputation and relationships. Understanding these consequences is important as you deal with a criminal charge.

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How a Criminal Conviction Impact Your Job

A criminal conviction can jeopardize your employment situation, making it hard for you to land a job. Often, a possible employer will do a criminal background check which may reveal your conviction. Also, a conviction can result in termination of employment especially if you are a state worker or a worker with a professional license.

A Criminal Conviction and Your College

Because of a conviction, you may be accepted into your chosen college. If you are already enrolled in an NJ college, you can be expelled or put on probation with the college if you have been convicted.

Impact on Your Finances

Once you pay the initial fines, fees, and court costs your sentence includes, a criminal conviction can impact your finances in other ways. Of course, a job loss or inability to get a job can affect you financially forever. Additionally, a conviction for some charges like drug possession can lead to suspension of your driver’s license. When this happens, your car insurance premiums will increase. Also, your life insurance rates may be drive up because of a felony conviction.

A Conviction and Your Children

A criminal conviction can have serious consequences for your family. Because of it, you may lose custody of your kids, face a Division of Child Protection and Permanency investigation, follow specified visitation or supervision, or comply with random caseworker visits. This can happen if you were convicted of domestic violence, sex crime, or crimes the endangered your children’s welfare. Also, a conviction can prevent you from adopting a child or secure guardianship of a loved one’s child.

A criminal charge can carry extensive penalties, with a potential prison sentence and significant fines. Also, it can have consequences that can affect all aspects of your life in the future.

To reduce or avoid these punishments, you need to seek legal counsel from a skilled defense attorney. The key questions to ask a criminal defense attorney can be found online before you hire a lawyer. On the website, questions can be read.

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