How Can I Decorate My Home On A Budget

by Phume Mdluli

A newly purchased place is not a home until you add a considerable measure of personal touches. Even the most monotonous of homes can be transformed into a serene and comfortable dwelling space once the decor is in place. Though home decor can be a complicated task, it becomes even more so when the home in question has an issue with space. Add to it an equally constrained budget and you have a delicate situation at hand. Though it might seem daunting at first, there are a number of suitable home decor ideas that you can implement for doing up a small space.

Paint is a lovely yet fairly affordable way to inculcate a revamped look to a small space. Since it is a small space that we are discussing, it will not cost much of either time or money to dress up the walls. However a small space will demand colors that have been chosen prudently. Dark and warm colors make the room look smaller and cozier which would be ideal if your endeavor is to garner an intimate look. However if you want to make the room appear larger, go for soft and subdued colors which will in turn give an airy look.

  • Window Treatment

The Window treatment is yet another cost effective yet powerful way to reinforce the decor of a small space. Choose drapes or curtains from vital wares that coordinate well with the color of the walls. Instead of buying expensive drapery, you can choose to hang a beautifully patterned fabric on the window. Also pay close attention to the curtain hardware like rods, curtain rings and finials. These seemingly inconsequential aspects of room design can turn the tide in your favor when you are working with a small space. Refer to interior design magazines and online home decor photographs to get inspirational ideas for decoration.

  • Eliminate Clutter

Unnecessary clutter can deal a fatal blow to the decor of a small space. Therefore it is crucial to do away with all visible signs of clutter. Obviously this tactic is not going to cost you any money yet noticeably invigorates the decor. For example, a wooden chest of drawers that is taking up too much space in your bedroom can be removed and used for storing games, DVD’s and magazines in the family room. Thus the clutter is cut down and the culprit has been put to better use elsewhere in the house.

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