How to choose the correct desk for your employees?

by Phume Mdluli

You’ve just been hired as a manager and your first task is ordering new desks for the office- but there’s one big problem. You have an employee who is 5’1 and another employee who is 6’6. So how in the world are you going to design your office with the correct desk setups when not every desk will work the same for every employee? Don’t fret.

So how would you pick the right work area for your worker? Do you require an adjustable standing desk? What are the best work areas? To pick the right work desk for your worker you should survey the ergonomics of the seat and the console the two primary parts of any office work desk space.

In this article, we’ll talk about the significance of concentrating on the ergonomics of the work deskseat, the console, and the screen your representatives work with to pick the right work desk for your worker.

Ergonomics- what is it?

When we talk about ergonomics in the workplace, we are talking about the science behind the studying of people in their work environments. The goal of studying ergonomics is to decrease the amount of injury that occurs at work resulting from work environment discomfort.

The entire point of ergonomics, in general, is to optimize human well-being and their overall performance. In fact, there is an entire department, The Department of Environment, Health and Safety, whose purpose is to create and maintain a safe working environment.

The Desk Chair

When you are considering a desk for your employee, the desk will consist of more than just the desk itself. It will consist of a desk chair. When considering the desk, the more important piece of the puzzle would be to consider the chair that is going to go with the desk in order to help you decide which desk might fit the chair that best suits the employee. You can learn about the impact of the work environment and other surrounding factors on the productivity of your employees, on this website:

For example, a study reported by NBC News stated that a standard desktop computer correlates to the elbow height of a 6’4 male. Assuming most desks you can order are this standard height, it’s important to find a chair to go with the desk that is easily adjustable for men or women who are not 6’4.

The article also goes on to explain the optimal chair height and adjustability as:

  • The seat pan should be adjusted to allow 2 inches of clearance behind the users’ knees
  • The armrests should be adjusted no higher than seated elbow height
  • –           The backrest of the seat ought to be opened and appropriately tensioned to advance development
  • The user should lean back in their chair, with the backrest sitting comfortably in the small of their back, to allow the backrest to support the upper body.

The Keyboard

When choosing a desk for your employee, Jonathan Puleio, MS CPE, Managing Director at Humanscale, recommends accommodating the desk to the employee’s body and not the other way around. This includes things like the keyboard. A majority of us spend most of our days responding to emails, or typing in some way. A keyboard is a huge part of our office desk setup and should be the main component that is evaluated when you are selecting the correct desk for your employees.

The most common issue in terms of the keyboard is the fact that most people lean forward all day, breaking away from the comfort of the backrest of their chair-usually resulting in lower back pain. According to Puleio, the ideal place for your keyboard is in your lap, with your shoulders relaxed, straight wrists, with supported palms. When we take these suggestions to evaluate the best desk for your employees, it’s important to understand that a desk must support these good posturing techniques for someone who is using a keyboard often.


Choosing the correct desk for your employee can seem complicated. When you’re dealing with different sizes of people and different daily activities, it can easily be overwhelming to choose the perfect desk that is going to work for everyone in the office. However, when looking for a desk the most important thing is assessing the ergonomics of the desk. The best thing to do is fit the desk, the chair, and the keyboard to your employee’s body instead of trying to fit the employee into the desk.

Learn more about various desk design choices and their best case scenarios in different types of offices, on this website:

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