How to Increase Home Value with Outdoor Décor

by Phume Mdluli
How to Increase Home Value with Outdoor Décor

From the family home to the latest investment property, residential homes are a significant financial asset. Exterior improvements that can boost curb appeal can provide property owners with a cost-effective way to increase the market value of their homes. You can learn about the factors that greatly impact the overall looks of your home, on this website:

Curb Appeal

When it comes to assessing the market value of a home, curb appeal can be of paramount importance. From the photographs used to list the property to the first impression a prospective buyer is likely to form when first viewing the property, any steps taken to improve a home’s exterior appearance are likely to be well worth it. Improving the design and layout of a front deck, landing or exterior porch is a simple and effective way to add value to the property.

Style and Comfort

While there are some buyers who might enjoy the blank canvas and fresh-start opportunities provided by a space that is unfurnished and undecorated, there are many more who will need a finished decor in order to fully appreciate everything that an outdoor space has to offer. Outdoor furniture, plants and even candles, hanging lights and other decorative items can be used to create a space that is more comfortable and attractive. A well-decorated outdoor space can turn any porch or patio into a major selling point.

Creating a More Functional Space

It takes more than just style to sell a home. Functionality is another consideration that would-be buyers are lightly to have. In addition to feeling too stark, barren or empty, and unfurnished outdoor area is more limited in terms of the activities, experience and atmosphere it will be able to offer. Suppliers who specialize in outdoor décor like Pier 1 can provide homeowners with the items, furniture and resources needed to create a more functional space.

Layouts that Showcase Landscaping

The right outdoor decor can flatter the surrounding space and allow property owners to better showcase their landscaping design. Arranging furniture around shade trees, flowerbeds and other landscaping elements ensures that the best features of the home’s exterior are more likely to be noticed. An exterior layout or design scheme that works well with a property’s landscaping can go a long way towards increasing its overall value.

Outdoor Cooking, Dining and Entertaining

An attractively decorated and well-furnished outdoor space can provide the perfect backdrop for dining and entertaining outdoors. The presence of a grill, picnic table or a shaded dining area can help to attract the attention and interest of a prospective buyer as well as entice any interested parties to make an offer. While outdoor grilling and dining may not always be a key feature in determining the market value of a home, a few simple exterior upgrades could make a bigger impact than many owners might imagine.

From flipping a real-estate investment to designing a dream home, improving the outdoor décor is a simple and effective way to improve the overall look and feel of a home’s exterior. Boost curb appeal and creating a more comfortable, stylish and functional outdoor environment can do much to increase the market value of a home.

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