How to Insulate Your Oakville Windows to Keep Warm This Winter

by Phume Mdluli

No matter how thoroughly you were choosing your Oakville windows, no one is immune to the cold winters that tend to be pretty harsh in this area. While there are a plethora of manufacturers offering flexible all-season options, homeowners shouldn’t underestimate the importance of window maintenance. All in all, your energy bills are at stake!

According to companies specializing in installing windows and doors Oakville residents choose today, Oakville windows require an attentive approach to prolong their lifespan in colder times. If you feel that the winter has come not because of the snow outside your window but due to the chilly drafts and cooly rooms, it’s time for a window or door upgrade.

Since the cold season is on its way, it’s wise to ensure that your windows are in a good state. We have highlighted the top 5 tips on how to check whether or not your insulation needs a touch-up. Knowing them will help you nip some troubles in the bud, hence protecting your investments and saving your bills from growing!

#1. Invest in Heavy Curtains

Curtains may serve not only as a cozy accessory for your place but also as additional thermal protection. Moreover, you can find special thermal curtains in modern stores to get the most of their practicality. However, it’s not a necessary investment: any thick curtain will do just great, especially if paired with cellular shades.

#2. Consider Door Sweeps

Sometimes it’s hard to find the source of drafts, so don’t blame your windows before you check the doors. For that reason, see how things are going under your external doors. If there’s even the slightest draft, your house is releasing its heat, which may potentially cause higher heating costs. Therefore, placing door sweeps under all of your external doors will be a safe bet, even if you don’t notice any drafts.

#3. Update Weatherstripping

One of the easiest and most effective ways to deal with soft window drafts is to enhance the seals with weatherstripping layers to shut the leaks. Get an all-weather caulk of neutral color so that it won’t stand out from the color choice of your place, draw a thin line around the window frame from the outside, and install a strip of weatherstripping inside. Make sure that it seals tightly, and check its condition every couple of years.

#4. Try Storm Windows

Apart from being an energy-efficient investment that will speak for itself during cold seasons, storm windows can significantly increase your home’s value. One can’t go wrong investing in such an option, as it protects your existing windows and offers better weather insulation.

#5. Use Window Film for Extra Protection

Window film is another cheap and pretty effective solution if you want to add an additional layer of insulation to windows. But you should weigh up the cons: your windows won’t be as clear as they used to be with a patterned film on it, so you’d better first try it on a less visible window.

When your Oakville windows seem to have drafts and heat leaks, don’t worry: there are many ways to fix it yourself. By checking the insulation in time, you can put off the replacement, as well as save on monthly utilities. Now that you know how to prepare your windows for cold seasons, your place is in good hands.

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