How to Keep Ants at Bay in Your Hillsboro Home?

by James Barret
How to Keep Ants at Bay in Your Hillsboro Home

Ants are the most annoying pests to many homeowners in Hillsboro and the US as a whole, with many people reporting having problems with them. You put down food, and on coming back later, it is full of dozens of ants. You can learn about it on this website:

Worry not because here are some tips you could use to get rid of ants in your home.

Identify the type of ant.

Many types of ants can recurrently infest your home, and identifying them is the key to dealing with them. The most common ants in Hillsboro are three species: moisture ants which are prevalent in moist spots, carpenter ants that cause structural damage to wood as they build their nests and odorous ants identifiable by the sour, rotten smell they produce when you squish or step on them.

If you have no way of identifying them, call a professional pest control expert to identify them, and give you the solution to combat them.

Find the ant nest

To deal with the ants, you have to find their nest or inhabiting a place in the home. Ants breed in moist areas such as the bathroom, damp corners on the floor, the basement, the attic, around the air-conditioning and heating units, and more likely in the kitchen where there is plenty of food and water.

You can identify their inhabitants by following their trail, if you don’t find it, call a professional pest controller to inspect your home.

Get a solution

The best solution of combating ants in your property is by finding a top rated ant control in Hillsboro. You may decide to step or spray on every ant you see, but that is not the solution. Most of the ants you see are looking for food to take back to their colony, which probably has thousands of them.

Although there are some DIY methods for treating ants infestations, they will always recur and grow resistant without the proper training and techniques to manage them.

A pest controller will be able to identify the ant species, find their nest and entry points, and develop an effective technique to battle them once and for all.

Block or seal entry points

It is advisable to take time and inspect your home for access points of the ants. Seal any cracks and gaps with silicone caulk and trim branches connecting to the house as they can provide entryways for ants.

Eliminate dampness

Eliminate leaking water sources that provide a common nesting ground for the ants. Do a routine check-up for moisture under the sinks and repair broken pipes. Also, ensure that the gutters and water drainage system is functioning well. You can invest in a dehumidifier for damp spaces like the basement and attic.

Go clean

Cleanliness goes a long way in keeping ants at bay. Wipe away food crumbs, spills especially sweet drinks and immediately wash dirty dishes (it denies the ants food). Keep your ripe fruits in the refrigerator and store food in pest-proof containers.

Do not forget to keep pet bowls clean. A safe way of getting rid of ants is by spraying vinegar mixed water around pet bowls to keep ants from feasting on them. It is advisable to store pet food in tightly sealed containers.

Lastly, cover your trash bin tightly closed and dispose of garbage regularly.

Learn more about the techniques being used to get rid of various insects on this website:

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