Modern Decor That Will Bring Life to Your Living Room

by Phume Mdluli
Living Room

The living room is the center of the home for most families. It’s both a place to spend time with your own family and relax and entertain guests and throw small get-togethers. That’s why it should play more than one role at once when it comes to design.

A living room needs to be comfortable and cozy so that you can relax in it, but it should also be presentable and slightly modifiable so that it can accommodate guests. It’s useful to follow trends that are coming up about décor design but you also need to have in mind that trends come and go and your home will remain for years. You can learn about the home decoration methods, on this website:


Using leather used to be rather popular a few decades ago and then it went away. Now with all-things-retro coming back to life so is the leather décor in modern living rooms. A great thing about it is that leather could be combined with a variety of different styles. It can work with modern living rooms made with a lot of natural accents and details, but it can also work with a more traditional look and with warm colors and lighting. Leather will also require less work and costs in terms of maintenance.


Hygge is a Danish word and a Danish style that has taken the world by storm, for both its comfort and warmth and how inexpensive and eco-friendly it is. The word is best translated as coziness but it could also mean well-being overall. The best way to explore this trend isn’t to try to add every element so that it fits with an overall aesthetic. Instead, the hygge style makes sense only if it’s used in a relaxed and casual manner.

Don’t box yourself in

Living rooms often feel boxed in by large pieces of furniture. This furniture is needed to entertain guests or just rest but if it becomes the central point of the room, it also reduces the amount of free space you have available. It’s perfectly fine to have large couches with a lot of plush pillows, but you should also take into account how you plan to move across this room and how to create a flow within it. It’s also useful to make the living room close to and accessible from the kitchen if you’re doing a lot of entertaining and have guests over often.

Form-fitting furniture

A lot of modern homes and even some of the older ones don’t have living rooms that are traditionally shaped. Rooms with softer curves and sometimes even round rooms could serve as living spaces since they are cozier and tucked in. This means that you should rethink how the furniture will fit in with this kind of room. Traditional square furniture will look at odds with this room and you need to set up the room design so that it fits its overall shape and size.

Ditch the TV

It often happens that a living room is designed with a TV as its central spot since that’s where all the furniture is facing. This isn’t pleasing aesthetically and it affects how the room is used, meaning that there’s less space for conversation and quality time spent together. The best way to go is, therefore, to ditch the TV altogether and to focus your time spent in the living room on conversations and not staring at a screen. If this isn’t an option, an alternative is to try to hide the TV as much as you can and to make it blend into the wall.

A living room should be designed with great care and attention to details since it’s often the main room of the house and one that you spend the most time in. There are a few modern trends in designing living rooms that you should be aware of but they are just that – trends and not rules.

These rooms should be designed with their function in mind. That means that they should encourage conversation and free flow of guests while remaining cozy and warm and keeping the overall aesthetic.

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