The 2020 Jewelry Photography Trends!

by Phume Mdluli
Jewelry Photography

The 2020 jewelry photography trends!

Nowadays if you are doing any kind of business, you have to keep yourself up to date with emerging trends if you are to survive the turbulent market. Jewelry photography is not any different. You can learn about the photography methods that you can adopt for marketing purposes, on this website:

Tricky as jewelry photography is, its an evolving field and you have to evolve with it to keep afloat.

In this article, I will tell you of the 2020 jewelry photography trends to look out for and a little advice on how to sell jewelry with it.

The 2020 jewelry photography trends

These are the trends to look out for in jewelry photography this year. Let’s get started.

Shifting backgrounds from formal ones

Jewelry photographers are shifting from using very formal backgrounds when shooting jewelry pieces. This is in an attempt to get a bit personal with their target audience.

When taking catalog images or taking images for a magazine, using a white background is always a good thing, but when you are marketing online to customers you want to identify with your brand, you want to give them a warm feeling, and you also want them to identify personally with your brand.

This is why jewelry photographers are shifting to using backgrounds with softer colors like grey, a soft colored marble or some whitewashed wood to shoot jewelry.

While opting for a softer background is a good idea, make sure the kind of background you choose lets your pieces stand out without being overshadowed by a detailed background.

Photo editing software

Jewelry photography has always been challenging because most of the jewelry pieces are small, with many intricate details you have to capture in the final images. This has not always been easy until photo editing software made entry into the scene.

Jewelry photographers have been using photo editing software for a while now and in 2020, we can expect more of this trend.

With this software, you can retouch your images to get a final quality image that captures all the details you want to showcase to your audience.

When you are using photo editing software for retouch however, you ought to be careful not to over-rely on the software so much. You need to focus on taking quality shots of the pieces and the software should just help you fine-tune the final product.

Eco-friendly props

Props help contextualize the images, especially when you are taking commercial images. In the past, if you needed to use a flower as your prop, for instance, you could use a fake flower, there were no issues there.

Nowadays, however, customers are a lot more sensitive to the environment and no one wants to associate with a brand that’s using plastic flowers as props.

For this reason, jewelry photographers are starting to use eco-friendly props during their shoots. Plus using a plastic flower, for instance, would cheapen your brand and make people doubt its authenticity. This is why jewelry photographers are opting for more eco-friendly props.


While jewelry sellers have always used still images to market their products, we are seeing marketers shifting to taking short product videos of their jewelry pieces to showcase more details. This helps display more details, especially with small jewelry pieces.

When you are taking jewelry videos, however, you have to use the same set up as you do with taking images. The lighting and background should be as they are supposed to be when you are taking images if you want to get quality videos.

Focus stacking

Focus stacking is a photo editing technique in which you focus on different parts of the subject and later on bring all the parts in focus together in the final stages of editing.

This means taking several images of the piece of jewelry in focus and then adopting these image parts in the final product so that you end up with a wholesome focused image that highlights all the details you want to communicate to the audience.

Outdoor shoots

Photographers are adopting more unconventional ways of shooting jewelry images and taking these images outside in nature is one of the trends we can expect more of in 2020.

It’s a risky move for some photographers as you don’t have the luxury of the indoors controlled environment but those who are taking the risk stand to gain a lot in the end if one can pull it off.

Outdoor photos capture images that portray your products as ones that are in tune with nature. If you can take images outdoor that help strengthens this perception, there is a lot to gain. With most people looking for eco-friendly products, outdoor shoots can help bridge the gap.

Using influencers in marketing

Currently thanks to social media platforms such as Instagram, there are brand influencers one can take advantage of to reach their huge numbers of followers.

When they share images wearing your jewelry pieces online, you can benefit a lot from the attention your brand gets as a result. The same goes for celebrities but as getting celebrities services is expensive. Influencers are a more economical choice. Taking images of them wearing your pieces at certain events and sharing the same on your online platforms can give your brand a great boost. Don’t expect so much from it though, be reasonable in your expectations.

Some influencers, however, will have some unreasonable demands and charges. You don’t want to deal with that kind. Keep in mind that not all of their followers automatically translate to potential customers.

In conclusion,

Jewelry photography just like any other field of photography is a dynamic field and if you want to remain relevant, you have to be in touch with changes occurring as time goes. You want to adopt trends that help push your brand forward in the market.

There is a safety that comes with sticking to the old methods you are familiar with but then without risk, there is no reward. Take risks by adopting bold new moves and you will realize results. Not every new trend may work for you however you have to calculate the risk versus the potential reward.

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