Top 7 questions to ask your dog daycare centres!

by Phume Mdluli

For the love of pets, you definitely dedicate a good amount of your time and attention to your little pawed friend! But you certainly can’t look after them all day long. Neither can you leave them at home all alone? That is why some great person invented a dog daycare centre for such working pet lovers like you! Now, you just have to enrol your dog in a daycare centre and stay assured that he/she will be cared for properly by them. You can learn about the benefits of visiting the veterinary clinic once in a while for your pet’s overall checkup, on this website:

Queries that will ensure you that your dog daycare centre is perfect!

No doubt you are desperate to find a secure place to keep your dog for all day long while you are out of home. But you just can’t blindly trust any centre with your precious little pet. Ensure that the dog daycare centre is a really good one and cares for your little friend just as you do. So, don’t forget to ask them the below listed questions for better insight:

  1. Can I take a tour of the dog daycare? — There is nothing like personalised visual exploration. You’ll need to do this to be sure that the centre is worthy of your dog. Ask them if they allow you to take a tour of the entire centre and take a first hand look at how everything works in there.
  1. What are the health criteria and which vaccination do I have to give to my dog before enrolment? — There are certain criteria of admission for good health in all dog daycare centres. They’ll also instruct you about the important vaccinations you need to provide to your dog before the enrolment.
  2. What is the ratio of the dog versus staff? — If you need a proper care for your dog, do inquire about how the pet and caregiver ratio.
  3. How are the dogs segregated? — There will be a degree of segregation of the dogs in the daycare centre. Ask if it’s based on size, habits, age or activity level.
  1. The exact schedule of the activities in the day care centre — When inquiring about any dog daycare in Perth, like Holistic Paws=Waggy Tails, ensure knowing about how much time the dog will play indoors, be in kennel or play outdoors. They do provide a perfect balance of all these activities for your dog with utmost care in their daycare centre, along with mealtimes and rest.
  1. Do you provide a webcam where I can view my dog the entire day? — If you want to ensure complete safety and better care of your dog, do inquire if they have a webcam which allows you to stay connected all the time.
  2. Does your daycare centre provide grooming and training too? — Apart from caring for your dog while you are away, you’ll require to train and groom them properly as well. And some dog daycare centres do this excellently (Naturally, you need to pick one that does!).

After you get satisfactory replies to the above stated queries, you can proceed further in enrolling your fluffy friend in the centre (or not!). Now even while you are away, be rest assured that your pet is having a gala time and is safe and sound.

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