What Should You Expect From Your First Practical Driving Lesson?

by Phume Mdluli
Driving Lesson

Are you nervous or excited or are both? The day you waited for so long is finally here and you are going to attend your first practical driving lesson. No matter how much time you attend these sessions later, you are going to remember the feelings of excitement experienced on the first day for a lifetime. Yes, learning to drive may be an essential and responsible process, but it’s fun and an interesting task too. But only if you get the right instructors. You can learn about the driving schools and their courses, on this website: https://hetrainsshetrains.com

What might you experience in your first practical driving lesson?

After contacting the best driving school in Solihull, the Just Pass Driving Academy, ensure that you are fully prepared for your first driving lessons the next day. They will indeed teach you the best tricks and tips of driving in their sessions. But do carry your learner’s license with you. Also, if possible, get a good night’s sleep before you set off for your driving lessons so that you are fresh during the training.

o   You’ll start in a passenger’s seat — So, it’s your first day in the car and you’ll be landing straight on the passenger’s seat. The instructor will be taking the driver’s seat and will tell you to observe everything he/she does behind the wheels.

o   The instructor will ease you and introduce you gradually to driving — Once you have seen the trainer drive for some time (mostly until you reach a safe spot for driving), you’ll be gradually told about how to handle the vehicle yourself. Driving away your fears, you’ll be even touching and trying the gears when the car isn’t on.

o   You’ll see a lot of mirrors and images — Before you are given the steering under your command, you’ll be introduced to the car position and the distance of the ones following you. That is why you’ll have to see the mirror a lot. You’ll finally understand why the mirror of the car is so very essential and its importance while you drive your car.

o   You will actually be driving the car — Yes, you heard it right! Now is the moment you waited for so long. You will actually be using the steering wheel, shifting the gears, pressing the brakes and even accelerator (though slightly). You will drive the car!

o   But you won’t drive for long — Though you will be handling the vehicle, but you won’t go far on the very first day. Your two miles will seem like twenty to you since it’s your first day and you will stop after around a half an hour of drive in the car. Though this time and mile would increase later, but gradually.

o   There will be a lot of seat switches — Expect a lot of seat switches during your first driving lesson. Whether it would be to use the brakes properly or how to handle the gears perfectly, to help you better in this, your instructor will change the positions to guide you better.

Well, that’s your first day of driving lessons. So now that you know what would happen there, you can relax a bit!

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