What If You No Longer Need Whole Life Insurance?

by Phume Mdluli
Life Insurance

Life insurance is a safety net that all young families require. The coverage options available are also a great way to hedge against debts later in life. However, many policyholders find that they no longer need life insurance coverage as they pass through several thresholds in their lives. If you no longer need whole life insurance coverage as you continue to age and progress into different stages of life, then there are options available. You can learn about the types of life insurance for yourself and others, on this website: https://www.bringingcreativity2life.com

You aren’t simply doomed to continue paying premiums until the policy eventually pays out upon your death. Conversely, you also don’t have to let the policy lapse, wasting the hard-earned cash you have pumped into the account over the years with no return on your security investment.

Why is life insurance so important?

Life insurance policies are critical for two primary sections of the U.S. population: Young and growing families and seniors with remaining or new debts make the largest gains off the safety net guaranteed by a life insurance policy.

Life insurance is a backstop for the income you generate as a salaried employee during your younger years. It provides a safety net for your family in the tragic event of your death at this untimely age. The sad truth is that families fall victim to medical emergencies, car accidents, and a wide variety of other circumstances that leave a family down a parent due to a tragic event. However, the bills related to child care, including food, housing, school, and clothing (not to mention entertainment!), continue to come in no matter what happens to your family. The USDA estimates that a single child costs a family over $233,000 from birth to seventeen – and this is excluding the expenses relating to a college education that naturally comes next for millions of young Americans.

On top of these expansive costs, repayment on your mortgage loan continues to eat away at your family’s cash flow after the loss of half the home’s income. A hard money lender in Oregon is a great way to finance your mortgage – or refinance in the event of a downturn in the market and the loss of an income stream – but these bills continue to come due, no matter what hardship your family has suffered. Lenders need to be paid regardless of an illness or the time of year. Non-payment is a fast track to a battered credit score and the inability to capitalize on any future financial plan you may have for your personal finances and family.

Similarly, an elderly homeowner that still owes on their mortgage loan might consider a life insurance policy to cover the remaining debt on the mortgage or any additional medical bills or credit card debt that remains in their name. Adding this security is a great way to hedge against these bills that will come due, eating away at the estate that you are hoping to leave to your heirs or other beneficiaries. You can learn about the insurance policies and their limitations, on this website: https://www.bizguidemw.com

Consider a viatical settlement.

A viatical settlement is the best way to cash in on this insurance coverage if you find yourself no longer needing added protection. For seniors, this might come once you’ve paid down the final installment on your home loan and own the property free and clear. Utilizing an American Life Fund viatical settlement is a great way to extract the cash you’ve paid into this account for all these years and spend it on something that makes you happy.

This might be the right time for a home makeover: By tapping into the capital of your saved-up security, you can fund a home renovation that will improve your quality of life and even raise the value of your home in the process. A viatical settlement is simply selling your life insurance policy’s death benefit for a lump sum payout that can be utilized in any way you see fit. Once your need for this hedge is gone taking advantage of the death benefit while still living is the best way to find a new lease on life.

Kick back and enjoy life with the help of a viatical settlement once your life insurance stops being relevant to your life or future security.

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