Wooden Crate Ideas to Jazz Up Your Space

by James Barret
Wooden Crate Ideas

Wooden shipping crates are commonly used for transport as they are light and durable. However unfortunately they are also discarded at an alarming rate as they are mostly single use. Wood Crates have so much potential, both functional and decorative. These are sturdy, add a cool rustic appeal, and are often free. It can be painted, decorated, modified, stacked, joined or simply used as it is. You can learn about it on this website: http://www.shiawase-home.com

Here are some amazing ways to upcycle wooden crates.

Organization Caddy

Crates are an excellent way to sort and organize your stuff such as toys, art or craft supplies, gift wrapping materials etc so that they are all sorted and in a designated space. They can also be used as a simple caddy to keep your laundry room, house, kitchen or study table clean and decluttered as well.

Storage Unit

With absolutely minimal carpentering skills you can transform a few of these crates into a durable storage unit or cupboard for your clothes, kitchen ware, spices and practically anything else. You can also stack them up to utilize the vertical space or simply toss them under the bed or unused corners and store your things in them.

Plant Display Corner

If you are into gardening, make the best use of vertical space by building a display unit or a stand for your plants, so you can have more plants without taking up all the floor space. You can also convert them into planters by lining it with grow bags or sturdy plastic sheets.


If you are running out of storage space for your books but simply cannot stop buying them, add an adorable rustic appeal to your house without spending all the big bucks and build yourself a cute bookshelf out of wood crates to store and organize all your books and thus, make space for buying more.

Rustic Table

Whether you are looking for a cute coffee table, small side table or a nightstand next to your bed, wooden crates are your answer. With some basic skills, you can create a beautiful rustic table or nightstand with these on a minimal budget. The use of cheap cloth table runners will further enhance the style without having to break your pocket.

Seating Arrangement

Not only are wooden crates fantastic for outdoor and garden seating, you can easily use them to create quirky and sustainable seating solutions for your living room as well. With some nice cushions it is easy to transform crates into a repurposed couch, or an ottoman or even into chairs with a little work .

Platform Bed

Why waste a ton of money on buying an expensive bed when you can build yourself a super adorable one simply out of discarded crates. Nail together as many crates as you like and build a sturdy platform, add a mattress and you’ve got a cool bed.

Pet Bed

If you have furry friends, you can add a cushion or some soft fabric and transform a wooden crate into a pet bed. You can paint, add name tags, decorate and customize them as well. Even if you don’t have a pet, you can leave these beds out for strays to take refuge in.

While used wooden crates might be trash for some, it is definitely a treasure for any environmentally conscious upcycle. You just need a good wood cuter and saw blade table. For buying a saw table visit morninghomestead.com/best-table-saw-blade-reviews/ To know the best quality and products to buy right now.

 They are sturdy and versatility and thus, can be repurposed into practically anything!

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