5 Things You Can Do In Bugis Singapore

by Phume Mdluli
Bugis Singapore

Bugis Street is Singapore’s most famous street with a fascinating history. Because of its rich history and retail opportunities, it has become a popular tourist and local destination. Here’s how to appreciate Bugis’ art and legacy to the fullest extent feasible. If you are about to stay in Bugis for a while, there are some great hotels in Bugis such as Hotel Boss, and You can find and reserve the best hotel in Traveloka. You can learn about the beauty of Asian countries, on this website: stylish-travel

From go-to shopping to visiting the popular places around Bugis, here are the 5 Things you Should do in Bugis Singapore.

1. Shopping in Bugis Junction

This is a place you must visit as you exit the Bugis MRT station. It is located in the heart of Bugis and is frequently swamped with consumers due to the numerous boutiques catering to all preferences.

Because of its blend of outdoor and modern-day inside mall construction, it’s one of the more aesthetically beautiful malls, retaining the area’s heritage extraordinarily well. Expect to find cafes, stores, and whatever else catches your eye.

2. Visit Kuan Yin Thong Hood Cho Temple

This beautiful temple which was built in 1884 is a magnificent example of classic oriental temple construction. It’s devoted to the deity Kuan Yin, also known as Avalokitesvara or the Goddess of Mercy. On the eve of Chinese New Year, this temple is unusually crowded.

It’s an excellent example of Bugis pre-WWII architecture and history, as it was one of the few structures to survive the war. Due to the small space, be cautious of crowding. If you want to eat later, the famed Albert Center Market is just a short walk away.

3. Hajjah Fatimah Mosque

The Hajjah Fatimah Mosque, part of Singapore’s historical architectural legacy, was built in 1846 by the namesake Malaccan merchant lady as a gesture of gratitude for being saved from an arson assault and burglary at her home.

Its varied style — both Islamic and European — adds to its allure, as it rests peacefully among the area’s more modern structures. It also houses the mausoleum of its patron, a monument to her enduring influence in Singapore.

4. Wander down Bugis’s Haji Lane Bazaar

Visit the most talked-about hipster lane in Singapore. It’s easy to miss the lane, but it’s definitely worth your time to investigate. Both sides of the lane are lined with refurbished shophouses that generally appeal to a stylish audience shopping for one-of-a-kind items or bar hoppers passing the time.

This beautiful spot will be populated by different styles and sophisticated locals. Even if you’re not into fashion, this avenue is a great place to go to see old shophouses in a variety of styles.

5. Go to Local Bugis Village

When you exit Bugis Junction and cross the street, you’ll see a lot of stalls crammed together in a tiny path that spreads out quite a bit. Handicrafts, phone cases, and snapbacks are all vying for your attention. This place is frequently packed. This area, which is best described as a cross between a flea market and a street bazaar, is wonderful for cheap buys on things from all around Asia, which are usually marketed by young aspiring craftsmen and ladies.

In Singapore, Bugis is noted for its expansive markets with low-cost items. With Traveloka you can find the best hotel in Bugis and many destinations with easy reservations and tickets. You’ll find lots of historic sights to visit while navigating the former red-light area. The Bugis Street Markets are also excellent venues to sample Singaporean cuisine. So, are you interested in visiting Bugis, Singapore?

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