7 Ways to Design Office Space for Maximum Productivity

by Phume Mdluli
Office Space

The global job market is experiencing many changes. An increasing number of people are working from home, especially after the coronavirus pandemic.

For this reason, many people have been forced to design home office spaces for themselves.

It is even more imperative to maximise productivity with a home office because you have so many distractions around you. But whether your office is at home or in a commercial space, you can apply the same techniques for increasing your productivity in the office.

Well-designed offices optimise space where innovation begins, and ideas are nurtured. Below are seven ways to boost productivity with your office fitout projects. You can learn about office redesigning methods if you have a limited budget, on this website: www.bebegogo.com

Keep Your Office Simple

It helps if you design an office that is only for work-related activities. This means your office should have a desks, comfortable chairs, computers, printers, and storage.

You do not need to have many items in your office, only keep the bare necessities required to do your job. Everything else should be removed from the room because they will only serve as a distraction.

Position Your Office Away from High Traffic Areas

One of the worst distractions is having noisy people around you. If you are working in your office, then you should not hear people in other rooms or cubicles.

If you want to design a home office, think about positioning your office in a room away from high traffic. A detached structure away from the main house is also a great idea.

Add Plants to Your Office

Since working is, for the most part, done inside, try bringing the outside into your office.

Studies show that if you add plants to your office space, it can create up to 70% increase in your creativity. In other words, you will think and feel so much better if you can be surrounded by plants in your office while you are working.

Natural Lighting

Do you get tired a lot in your office? If so, it is probably because you are using a lot of artificial light. A better alternative to your lighting needs is natural lighting.

Try and create an office space out of a room that has windows that allow natural sunlight into your working environment. Where possible, place your desk close to a window. It will make you feel better, think better, and have more energy throughout the day.

Natural Wooden Furniture

Natural wooden furniture is another way to bring nature into your office space.

If your desks and cabinets are made from natural timber, the colour patterns of the wood will give you that same sense of peace and satisfaction that greenery gives you.

Add Some Color Variation

Offices do not have to look dull. Make your office space look more attractive by adding a different colour to the walls, blinds, and flooring.

Use your creativity to implement a good colour scheme for your office. Do a bit of research into what colours produce productivity, imagination and calm.

Incorporate some of these colours subtly into your office space.

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