Top Tips For Creating A Stunning Wedding Album In 2023

by James Barret
Wedding Album

The happy memories of a momentous life event like your romantic wedding day are worthy of preserving and sharing with loved ones and future generations of your family. A stunning wedding album is the ultimate accessory for keeping the joyous memories alive, and easily accessible.

If you’re newlywed, or currently planning to say “I do” in 2023, our practical tips for creating a gorgeous keepsake wedding photo album will inspire your creativity, and also save you time and money…

Organising Your Photos

If you’re presently enjoying the start of the adventure of married life, you’ll probably have quite a stash of snaps that capture one of the happiest days ever.

Digital photographic images that are stored on a computer can be sorted and organised into multiple folders that are appropriately labelled ‘the happy couple’, ‘ family’, ‘VIPs’, ‘ close friends’ and ‘acquaintances’. Labelling helps to speed up the process of searching for a particular photo at a later date.

Printed photographs are best sorted into boxes that are labelled ‘show off’, ‘store’ or ‘bin’.

While it can be tempting to hang on to every single photograph of your wedding day, chances are that a fair few of them are simply duplicate images that are taking up space. Use a critical eye to discern which photos are worth preserving in a luxury wedding photo book, and store or bin the rest.

Choosing The Perfect Wedding Album

Wedding photo albums are widely available in an array of different shapes, sizes and ranges of quality. Unlike the heavy and bulky photo albums that were popular once upon a time, the on-trend, bespoke coffee table style wedding albums of today are high quality, elegant and artisanal. The stylish hardback, softback or fabric covered books are primed to show off your prized, wedding day Insta-worthy images.

You can even opt for a classy layflat format album that transforms your romantic love story photos into glossy magazine style, double page spreads that will wow your family and friends.

To help you choose the perfect photo album for your life-changing special occasion, consider your wedding style, theme and palette of accent colours. A formal wedding commands that photographs are presented in luxurious and exclusive photo books, while an informal wedding offers endless possibilities in terms of how you choose to store, preserve and show off your favourite images.

You’ll also need to consider what type of paper is best for creating a wedding photo book that is absolutely stunning. Choose from premium thick card, flexible high quality art paper, or matt finish paper.

The number of pages needed is commonly determined by the size of your wedding celebration, and how many guests you’ve invited. You also have the option of adding extra pages to your photo book, should you underestimate your requirements.

Regardless of your personal style, taste and wedding planning budget, stunning photographs truly deserve to feature in the pages of the very best personalised wedding photo albums that your money can buy.

Sharing Your Story

How you present the images in a photo book greatly impacts on viewing enjoyment. If you simply fill up the pages with little thought about the chronological arrangement of your favourite wedding snaps, you’ll end up with a random mess that won’t effectively show and tell your unique and romantic love story.

To curate a stunning collection of wedding photos, pick out the snaps that define the key moments of your big day. Beautiful close up shots of the bridal prep, the bride arriving at the ceremony venue, the exchange of vows and rings, the first kiss, and the cutting of the wedding cake are perfect for highlighting with plenty of white spaces to enhance the aesthetics.

Arrange your favourite snaps in a chronological manner that allows the emotional journey of your love story to naturally unfold. Avoid overcrowding the pages, as less really is more. Instead, limit the number of photos on each page, to allow for the addition of descriptive text, comments or captions that help to bring the gorgeous images to life.

To enhance the visual impact of your photographic arrangement, it’s a good idea to choose templates that extend your wedding photos all the way to the edge of each page.

It’s also a lovely idea to include some paper mementos from your wedding day. A copy of your wedding vows, selected wedding speech quotes, or the lyrics to the first song that you danced to as a married couple will evoke viewer emotion whenever you share the visual version of your love story.

Customise Like A Pro

It’s the shape and size of your wedding photo book that generally determines the best orientation of your favourite snaps. Portrait shots of the happy couple look amazing when displayed in large rectangular or square photo books.

Photo books that feature landscape orientation are absolutely ideal for showing off the spectacular panoramic scenery of your dreamy, exotic honeymoon destination.

Leaving a generous amount of white space around the photographs creates a sense of intimacy that draws the viewer in. It also makes your photo collection look more polished and professional.

Save the best photo for the front cover. Your favourite cover worthy image should ideally set the tone for the entire collection of wow factor photographs that are beautifully arranged across the pages.

Finally, customise the album with an imaginative title in an elegant font.

Your finished wedding album will now be highly deserving of a prime spot on your coffee table.

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