Top 15 Best Alternative Websites Like TVMuse

by Phume Mdluli

What is TVMuse?

TVMuse is a video streaming site having five categories like TV Show Guides, Site Guide, Social Networking component, Movie Listings, and Search Engine. Each category has its own features and objective. Its TV Show Guide consists of all the famous TV episodes and it offers a brief description of all these episodes as well. As compared to other movie streaming sites TV Muse is more powerful and it offers up to 30,000 free movies to watch and download in HD format. The website updates with new content in order to provide you a more enjoyable experience. The site offers social networking experience that is quite attractive for movie lovers that allow to connect with friends, make an account, add favorite movies and create a watch list, etc. Its search engine uses a customized version of Google Search Engine with its own algorithms. The search engine allows users to watch and download the content as well. TVMuse schedule is a great service for all the movie streaming ardent.

What happened to TVMuse?

TVMuse has taken down due to copyright issues. Because like other movie streaming sites TV Muse is also not a legal service but it is one of the best movie streaming sites reddit.  The website owners made a full backup of the previous site content. They created a proxy site that is performing similarly to the old site. They changed the URL only.

The Proxy site of TVMuse

When a URL or domain is taken down due to legal or copyright issues, the people behind the site will come up with the same content via another domain name. In the process, they copy the server content and change the URL address. The database and content will not lose. The users can use the site similarly as they do with the old one. So, the new URL for TVMuse is

TVMuse alternatives

There are some best alternatives that have similar features. The below-mentioned websites are the top best similar websites to TVMuse that allow you to stream movies and videos in HD format. Most of them do not require any registration and are free to use. For a comprehensive understanding of such platforms or to discover more alternatives, you might want to check out WealthyLike. Let’s take a look at the alternatives to TVMuse.

Top 15 similar sites to TVMuse

Couch Tuner

Couch Tuner is a free website for streaming movies. It allows you to watch full-length HD TV Shows, Movies, Series, and News, etc. it features a stunning dark attractive interface that immerses you in a real cinema. Like most of the movie streaming sites, it too has a huge variety of TV series and shows, consists of various categories. There is a new release section also where you can get the latest titles. The site recommends all titles according to your interest. The site does not need registration and it is free to use. You need to select your desired stuff to enjoy it without limitation. It includes core features like TV news, search box, watch full-length series, trending shows, dark interface, and upcoming titles, etc. It is our first pick as an alternative to TVMuse and no doubt a great similar site.


watchSeries reddit is our second pick as an alternative to It is another great movie streaming website that allows you to watch movies and TV series for free around the world. It does not only allow you to watch the content but it also offers you to download it. It also has the fastest internet connection while streaming or downloading. The site works similar to most popular streaming sites and offers core features that allow you to enjoy the realistic experience. It offers many TV shows that you can stream and download anytime. Registration is not required for the site but if you want to get updated or place a request, you need to register yourself by providing an email address. It has a simple interface and there is no limitation to watch and download movies and TV shows. You can explore multiple categories and place a request as well. It is no doubt an excellent option for you.

Vudu is a TV Shows providing service that offers you to stream all the TV shows from classic to the latest, all around the globe. At this platform, you can search for all of your favorite TV shows like Game of Thrones, The Flash, The Walking Dead and a lot more. It performs as movie streaming site like TVMuse and offers similar features. It features categories to explore the content and a powerful search bar. It is free to use the service and no need to log in. But if the users want to get updated about the new stuff, they need to subscribe with the email address.

SideReel is another alternative to TVMuse that is a free website. It allows you to search TV shows, Watch the full episode online, get new episode alters, etc. It is the most popular and leading website that offers millions of TV shows to stream. It features lots of categories like Adventure, Action, Science-fiction and many others. Each category has its own titles. It is not only a streaming platform but it also offers all the news and updates about your favorite shows. The trending section of the site is quite powerful because it offers all the trending content. It does not require a registration to read news and watch shows but for getting alter, you have to sign up with an email address. Its core features include Schedule, explore categories, Read the news, know about the upcoming episodes, Watch trending stuff, and simple interface.

YuppTV is one of the largest TV platforms that offer catch-up TV, live TV, and unlimited movies. It provides content providers and broadcasters to reach their target audience. On the other hand, is a one it enables the viewers to view their content worldwide. You can watch its content over six screens of STB, Connected PC, TVs, Mobile, Game Console, and Tablet devices. It offers up to 200 live TV channels that consist of various categories. Each one has its own channels to watch and different options. You can enjoy your favorite movies, TV channels, and programs of different genres. It is best for sports lovers as well and offers sports channels live to stream unlimitedly. Its core features include explore various categories, supports multiple languages, watch unlimited movies, search box, and a lot more. It is one of the best entertainment services for streamers.

yahoo is a ticketing platform that sells tickets of movies through their mobile application and website. You can buy movie tickets easily online and share it with others. It offers many promotion codes and deals to buy tickets at a very low price. The website requires registration name, city, zip-code, password, and payment details. After login, you can buy the upcoming and latest movie tickets easily. It performs as a movie ticketing application as well as a site that offers all the news about celebrities and movies. Its core features include gift cards, simple interface, daily updates, deals, and trailers.

Tubi TV 

Tubi TV is a service that provides up to 12000 titles including TV Shows and Movies. It is one hundred percent legal streaming service that does not require a subscription. You can enjoy its streaming without any limitation. You can choose what and when to watch the content as well as you can set video quality too for a comprehensive experience. The site is known as a world’s largest streaming service that can be accessed any time for free. This service is highly-rated on IMDb. All the categories are completely free to choose from like Latest Movies, New Release, Anime TV Series, and many others. The site is a cross-platform and available on Android, iOS, Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation, Smart TVs, Web, and Fire TV as well. It offers an intuitive and simple interface where you can access its features without limitation.

Hbo is a leading TV service. It is offered by an American Premium Cable Network HBO. It was launched on 18 February 2010. The website allows its subscribers to stream videos including all the old and new series, films, sports events, and many more. You can watch all the premiers as they air, and all the episodes of HBO series like My Brilliant Friend, Game of Thrones and a lot more. The website is specially designed for those who love streaming and want to watch their desired stuff around the US and some of its territories. It has a huge number of contents consist of various categories. It offers new movies every week. You can get news about special events. One of the best features of HBO GO is that it offers a recommendation system. This system saves your time to find pro content. Core features include a simple interface, detailed settings, featured content, video on demand, watch list, and availability to use on different platforms.


You can search, track, and watch movies and TV shows on The site is a video aggregator that gathers content from various subscription-based movie streaming providers and enables you to view that stuff from a single interface. It brings various streaming platforms such as Showtime, Hulu, Netflix, and many more. You can use it on a mobile and web platform as well. is known as personalized movie and TV guide that helps you find your desired stuff as well as discover new exciting things to watch. It saves your time and money because it is the only application that manage your movie and TV life. It features the universal search box that allows watching movies and TV shows from up to 70 sources. Its core features include free sign up, notification, a massive collection of movies, simple interface, TV shows and a lot more.


Livestation is one of the most leading platforms that administers live TV plus radio broadcasts over the network. It brings you to live videos from the world. The site has partnered with various leading news channels so that it can provide you with the live news legally free of cost. All the channels on this website consist of numbers of categories. All the categories have their own radio stations and channels to stream. The website is simple and easy to understand. Registration is not mandatory, just land on the site, fund your channel and enjoy the streaming. But if you want to be updated with the latest stuff, you have to subscribe with the email address. The website can be accessed via any device like mobile, PC, and TV, etc.


USTV Now is another premium service provider that offers US TV channels on mobile, computer, tablet, and any other device you want. The website is a comprehensive solution. It allows you to watch up to 150 channels without limitation. The channels include CW, ABC, NASA TV, PBS, Discovery, CBS, and a lot more. This streaming service allows its users to record their favorite shows to watch later. Its core features include up to nine categories to choose from, user-friendly interface, buffering speed, channels filters, videos scheduling, record favorite shows, and a lot more. One can say that USTV Now is one of the top Live Streaming solutions.


GoMovies website is another similar site to TVMuse. You can watch full movies online for free on this platform. There is a search box on the home page for you to search your favorite content. Most of the content on the website is available in HD format. No need to worry about the server because all the content on the site has links to various content streaming services such as VidCloud, Open load, and Streammango, etc. The service of is totally free to use and without any registration. But there are popups and many advertisements. Navigation is quite easy by using the menu bar.

WatchEpisodes is also a platform for watching TV series and shows. There is a search box on the top for you to search your desired stuff. You can also filter the videos based on multiple categories like Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Comedy, etc. It offers a special menu for sorting new and popular TV shows. The site has another amazing feature of downloading wallpapers related to a particular show. It provides links to approximately 500 streaming services for a single video. It has an attractive interface and one of the top best alternatives to TV-Muse.

Watch Series

From the name, one can understand that for what the website stands for. It is an exclusive site to stream all the old and latest TV shows. The site does not embed content on its own instead it provides the links to streaming servers. When you click to open the link, you will redirect to the site that contains that particular stuff. To get more features on the website you need to register an account. It has a user-friendly interface and it is one of the good similar sites to TVMuse.

123moviesgo is a good alternative to TVMuse. It allows you to watch videos through various streaming services that make a few buffering during playback. CAM, SD, HD quality videos are available on the website that is totally free to stream. It provides an extra service that you are offered anime videos as well that is an extra service.It features a request section on the menu bar that allows you to put a request before the team for an unavailable TV show or movie. To enjoy other features, you can register for a free account. It is one of the finest alternatives to TVMuse. For further details, you can visit and

Final Thought

In this article, we have provided all the information about one of the best streaming sites reddit, TVMuse. Due to copyright issues the site is taken down. After that, the site has come up with a new domain name. So, the new URL of TVMuse is Then we have mentioned the websites that are the best alternatives to TVMuse because they have similar traits to TVMuse but with some new features. But we all know that most of the sites are not legal or authorized for streaming content. And all these online TV series and shows are available on these sites can be seen for free of cost.


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