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Top 25 Best Alternative Websites Like GoGoAnime

by Phume Mdluli

What is GoGoAnime.com?

All the anime lovers surely know about the website GoGoAnime.com. The website does not have any specific URL because the website moves to a new domain due to copyright strike. Many people ask whether the site is legal or not. And the answer is no. The site is not legal. GoGoAnime collects new anime videos from official anime websites and put it on its website for the sake of advertisement money. Anyway, it is a high-level streaming site that is specialized in Japanese anime.

It offers anime in multiple resolutions and it performs in all web browsers supportive to HTML 5. It has many shows dubbed in English and the content over the website is accessible even to the youngest anime fans as well who would find it difficult. But GoGoAnime io makes it easy for the young anime fans. Sometimes GoGoAnime tv is blocked in various countries but it doesn’t mean there are no other ways to watch anime online.

What happened to GoGoAnime?

The site is taken down because of “Copyright Strikes” because the site shows pirated content and it does not have any legal authority to show that content. So the website is blocked by the authorities or ISP Providers.  Then the site owner redirects the old website to a new one. It is sort of whack a mole game. When a website gets popular, it attracts the copyright strikes then it instantly moves to a new domain.

Similar sites to GoGoAnime

There are hundreds of websites having similar traits to GoGoAnime. If Gogoaniem is down then the anime lovers need not worry about it. We have assembled a list of top best GoGo Anime alternatives below for you to have a great streaming experience. Try searching for these best anime sites on Bing or Google and enjoy goodanime streaming.

Top 25 best alternatives to GoGoAnime

We have mentioned the top 25 alternatives to GoGoAnime and their features as well so that you can pick one of them to enjoy free streaming.


When we think about GoGoAnime website alternatives then KissAnime ru is the first website that comes in our mind to stream anime. The site has millions of visitors on the mirror and official website of Kiss Anime. There is no need to subscribe or sign-up to watch animated movies online. And don’t worry about the low bandwidth network connection.

You can also choose the streaming quality from 240p to 1080p. Kissanime.to has an English dubbed version as well. You can sort the categories from Adventure, Action, Romance, Horror, etc. The website provides each and every episode of the anime series, after the official release. Kissanime.com is mobile friendly as well. KissAnime website as an animehub can be the primary recommendation as the best alternative to Anime gogo.


9 anime is the other website for streaming online anime contents. The website is the best in the sense that it gives more importance to the user experience and interface. 9anime.ru website has very easy navigation throughout the website and it is very well designed. 9anime to offers an A to Z navigation option so that you can filter your favorite movies by a click on its first letter.

9anime.is has the option to see the recently updated anime, most played anime, and ongoing anime that makes navigation easier. You can access English dubbed anime without spending a penny and without any registration. So all these features make 9anime.tv one of the best alternatives to GoGoAnime.tv


Masteranime is the other streaming service that is quite popular among anime lovers. It provides anime series in HD quality. One unique feature of masteranim.me is that it provides playback from multiple video streaming sites to broadcast videos. It means when you are playing a video and you feel the streaming provider is a bit lagging, you can choose the other provider with better server speed to watch anime online free.

 Masterani does not support 1080p playback rather offers better quality in 720p. You can find all the videos on Master anime in English subtitles. You can do many other things like commenting and rating after the registration of a free account.


Nayaa is a quite different website. It is a torrent search engine and you have to download files to watch anime. The website has a search box on the home page to find your favorite videos. It allows you to filter the content on different criteria. For example, if you want only English dubbed anime then you can do that easily. It offers an opportunity to join with the discord team to have a discussion about the video before downloading. It is not mandatory to register for downloading content.


Kawaiifu.com is the other popular website among anime lovers. It offers anime in full HD quality. Most of the videos support up to 1080p quality. The website performs as a video sharing platform. It focuses on English speaking audience. There are hundreds of videos on the website that are dubbed into English. It offers multiple servers to play videos. The user can change the speed of the playback as well. It also offers anime music as well.


Chia Anime is a more comprehensive source of Japanese drama and anime. Many episodes on it can be downloaded in MP4 video file format. It has an active Facebook page where you can make a request and find out recently added shows. It has rather a different URL. It says“ww2” instead of “www”. “ww2” in the URL indicates that Chia-Anime is hosted by a larger server farm. And its admins don’t hide the fact.

 It is an innovator and pioneer in the Japanese anime industry. Chiaanime offers all the hit programs. It brings professional content to the audience worldwide. The content here consists of various genres like Aliens, Adventure, Ninja, Horror, Fantasy, etc. Each genre regularly updated with the latest stuff. You can enjoy anime series in English on chianime as well.


Animeland is a legal website for anime streaming. The site has an exemplary interface. Its interface has tabs such as Anime Movies, Dubbed Anime List, Genres, and Dragon Ball Super, etc. All these categories are visible and its layout is very simple. You can find two ways to search your favorite content like by using the advanced search bar or explore categories. It is not necessary to register yourselves in order to enjoy your favorite movies.

All you need to open the site, find your stuff, and click to enjoy uninterrupted animeland dubbed tv streaming. It is free to use the site and one success it anywhere anytime around the world. It offers a brief description of the series and characters. It includes features like HD content, comments, dubbed anime, and updates, etc. it has a fast and simple interface.


AnimeShow.tv is very well-known and well-designed video streaming website with anime of different genres. It has content related to adventure, fantasy, mystery, school, romance, comedy, horror, vampire, space, and many more. It provides a description of each and every anime on the website. You can easily figure out about the anime and number of its episodes as well. You can leave comments under each episode. But there is no chat room for discussion.


Animestreams.net is a very simple website that offers a surprising amount of content. The more you explore, the more excellent shows you will discover. It has dubbed anime. It adds latest episodes without any delay. It has multiple streams for each anime. The site is a broken link. It is a totally free platform and there no pop-up ads on the website.

 It has a huge collection of anime series. It has a very simple interface with a navigation bar on the top. This top bar is listing all the pages like A to Z list, Anime Movies, and English dubbed, etc. It also provides a request feature that allows its users to put a request for unavailable stuff.


AnimeUltima.tv is the best option for watching anime movies online for free. It is specially created for anime lovers. The interface of animeultima.io is simple and easy to understand. It offers all type of anime related content like dramas, movies, and new episodes, etc. It enables the download option as well. It features an advanced search option to find in seconds.

 The most interesting thing about anime ultima is that it provides a description of each movie. It also shows the English subtitles of many movies. You can also find dubbed movies as well. You need to create a free account to find your favorite movies. It keeps you updated about all the anime series as well.


Anime lab is one of the best alternatives to www.GoGoAnimetv. It is an anime hub that offers anime hits and fast-tracked shows directly from Japan in HD. It offers thousands of episodes to watch new series that are added every week. The content on this website consists of different categories like the latest series, popular shows, and Genres, etc. Each category consists of different options.

 It is not mandatory to register for streaming but you can get updated with new stuff with the subscription by providing your correct email address. It supports multiple languages. It is one of the best alternatives to GoGoAnie.


Hulu is one of the leading multiplatform sources that deals in entertainment and streaming top anime movies online. It has the finest collection of smash hit and award-winning movies. It also offers TV shows that can be accessed through all the digital media devices. This thing made Hulu a universal level of entertainment source. You can find here only award-winning and top-rated entertainment content. There will always be the fresh content on it. Hulu is perfect in video and voice quality. It provides the high-quality audio and video material to its users.


Netflix is one of the best Go Go Anime alternatives. It is an entertainment platform to watch online films and TV programs from anywhere anytime. It is a web-based entertainment service that offers action movies, dramas, humor films, and documentaries, etc. It also offers a substantial amount of multiple enjoyable stuff. There are not ant advertisements so the viewers can enjoy their streaming without interruption.

The site is not free. It comes with three payments options that are premium, standard, and basic. It offers a trial of one month that is free of cost. You need to sign-up for it and can enjoy entirely free entertainment content for thirty days. Its price tags are between $11.99, $9.99, $7.99 respectively. Its basic plan offers low quality print while standard and premium plan provide high and premium quality print.

Nyaa Torrents

NyaaTorrents is an Android device application for streaming movies and videos in full HD. It is a totally free app that offers you a great selection of top-rated movies. Its collection of movies will make your day by offering ultra-modern pixels, you can enjoy on your smartphone. It does not require any media player, plug-in, or other kind of application at all.

You need to install the application and select the movie, video or TV shows that you want to play. The streaming will start instantly without any interruption. Its main features are the availability of thousands of videos and movies, fast server, support for Android TV, downloading movies, and watching in offline mode, etc.


All the anime lovers want to watch anime series and movies in high-quality format. For the purpose Because.moe is the best option to enjoy fast streaming. It allows you to immerse into the great world of online entertainment. It offers similar services to KissAnime.ru with some new features. Its main objective is to deliver all the stuff that an anime lover wants.

 It has many feature titles such as Eureka Seven, Dragon Ball Super, Full metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Land of the Lustrous, and many others. It does not require any registration or information for streaming videos. But if someone want to get updated with latest stuff then he has to subscribe by providing email address. The most interesting thing about this site is that it offers a trending section. You can get in this section all the trending anime series all over the world. It covers all the genres and regularly updates with latest stuff. Its interface is user-friendly and easy to understand


DubbedAnime is the other name of anime streaming sites. It is quite new in the market while one of the best options for anime streaming. It has a huge collection of anime series for free that is hosted by third party servers. The website allows its users to watch HD format anime movies or download them. A huge collection of movies and related stuff are stored in its database.

You can access the website anywhere anytime around the world. It has a user-friendly and simple interface. All the new releases and all the categories are displayed on the front page. It has an advanced search bar that helps in finding your desired stuff. The site is also known as a community where you can communicate with other anime lovers. It has many exciting features that make it a better replacement of GoGoAnime. For all the anime lovers it is an addictive site.


Myanimelist is another fast-streaming website that allows its users to watch free movies online dubbed and subbed. It is one of the best alternatives to googanime and offers similar services with some new features. The website offers all the new and old anime movies without interruption. It does not require sign-up or registration.

So, you only need to open the website, find the desired stuff and enjoy fast streaming. You can use an advanced search bar or explore the categories option to find your favorite content. Its core features include a huge database, regular updates, short description, and containing all the major genres. It has a simple, user-friendly, and fast interface. It is one of the best options for fast streaming.

Anime Planet

Animeplanet is similar site to GoGoAnime.to and offers you to choose from up to 40,000 legal anime videos. It is the first most trusted database worldwide that provides you with all the anime stuff. It was launched in 2001 with very basic level but now it has millions of its viewers around the world. You can enjoy on this site all the new and old anime and anime characters as well.

It has a large community of anime lovers where they can communicate with each other and share their experiences about anime. You are required to sign-up with a certified email address to enjoy the service. Its service is advanced and offers premium stuff at a low price. It has many prominent features that make it a better option.


Aniwatcher is the other service to watch anime series online. It has a huge database full of various animated movies. It is quite easy to use because it does not require any sign-up or registration. Open the site and find your favorite content to enjoy limitless streaming without any interruption. Like other similar sites anilinkz.tv also has two options to find content such as search bar and explore categories.

You are required to place the title of an anime movie in the search bar to find it instantly. Then click on the play button to enjoy your favorite content. Anilnkz core features include a user-friendly interface, huge database, regular updates, multiple categories and much more. It is one of the best services for all anime lovers.


Anime Frenzy is another best place to watch anime series, movies, and dramas. It provides daily episodes of anime movies, cartoons, and shows. The website offers a dubbed version in high-quality. It has up to 3000 titles and it regularly updates its list as well. The site has a request option. If your favorite movie is not available on this site, you can put a request for its availability. It has a simple and easy to understand interface. As compared to others it is one of the best alternatives to gogoanime.


Anime Freak.tv is an anime streaming site that provides dubbed anime movies online for free. You can easily browse by using categories such as popular, latest, and genres, etc. Each of the categories has an updated list with the latest stuff. Anime Freak tv is similar site to GoGoAnimes.co and offers similar services. It has some new features as well that make it a better option for fast streaming. It has an attractive interface and offers anime dramas as well. It has millions of its users who can access it anywhere and anytime around the world. The interface of animefreak tv is user-friendly and it is totally free to use the site. It is no doubt a wonderful service for anime lovers.


Otaku stream.tv is most probably one of the interactive sites like GoGoAnime. It is a fan-sub anime site means the site does not trip-off official anime release. This site is community-based website where people share their anime experiences. There is an option of uploading your favorite anime that is not available on this site. It has rules for those who request for a series. The site does not have inappropriate contents. Viewers can watch free anime content on this site. It is the finest alternative to gogoanime.oi


Anime haven is the best free anime streaming site that offers anime series to watch and download without limitation. This website contains up to 3500 titles and regularly updates with latest titles. Each anime on anime heaven.eu comes with the description in order to inform you about the characters and series. It also offers a comment feature that allows to discussing anime with the other users. It features multiple genres such as Adventure, Action, Horror, Super Power, Romance, etc. Each genre has various titles. A search bar on the top allows you to put the title of your desired stuff to find it. Animehaven offers many other features that make it a prominent website.


Gogoanime is the hub for all the anime lovers. The site offers a catalog of anime genres. Its interface is very intuitive and makes navigation very easy. It features dubbed anime clips as well. It has all the anime content organized beautifully on this site. People who do not understand Japanese, dubbed anime series are also available for them. There is no download option on this site and it is a sad thing for all the anime lovers. You can watch anime series online for free on this site. Overall, it is a good option for streaming anime movies.


Crunchyroll is the biggest and most popular anime site. The site provides English dubbed anime movies for non-native speakers of the language. Crunchyroll dubbed movies are favorite of all the non-native anime lovers. It offers a comfortable viewing experience with 720p tool that produces high-quality video. You need to register an account by email to enjoy fast streaming. This website can be accessed through Xbox 360, Chromecast, PlayStation Vita, Apple Devices, PlayStation 3and 4, Roku box, Wii U, Windows, and Android devices. It is one of the best alternatives to GoGoAnime.com. Crunchyroll download option allows you to download your favorite movies.

Final Thought

GoGoAnime.com is the anime streaming website that has fine features but due to copyright issues, the site is down these days. For all the anime lovers we have arranged a list of top best alternatives to GoGogAnime.com. So that all the anime lovers would be able to catch all the episodes and don’t miss any of the epis. There are a variety of anime sites in the market but we have chosen the top best 25 similar sites to GoGoAnime.com. All these picks have similar traits to GoGoAnime.io but with some new features. You can select one of these to find your favorite content and enjoy fast streaming.


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