Football manager games for football fans

by James Barret
Football manager games

Outdoor games like football are no longer limited to the outdoors. The virtual world that the internet has brought is taking over many different aspects and has now spread into the area of virtual fantasy games as well. Football fans have been enjoying the virtual experience of online football with real players all around the globe. Football manager games have spread like wildfire and are taking up new participants with each minute. If you are not yet one of them, it is time you join in!

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All there is to know about Fantasy football teams


Just like players are the most important part of real life football, players are the most essential in football manager games. The fact that makes these games stand out is that the players used here are real life stars. Players can be bought with currency of the game; cash and coins.

Player values

Player values determine the strength of each player and thereby the likelihood of winning with them. The stronger the player, the higher the value will be. The initial players’ value is their current performance value upon which value can be added as the player’s level increases and as you acquire power-ups for your team. Player values also update with the players’ real life performance. This original value is based on their actual games played, goals scored, 3­­+ goals received and win, loss or draw.

Team value

The total value of your team players makes the team value.

Legends and limited edition players

Legend players are players other than the current players. The value of these players does not change and stays constant at the average calculated from their overall performance throughout their career. The limited edition players are players available for only a limited time. These are usually the ones with the highest values and are often at prices well below their market price. Buying these players can bring a great addition to your team.

Getting players by auctions

At the auction, the players will continue updating throughout the day and there can be as many as 20 at a time. A bid costs 1 coin and if your bid has been exceeded by someone else, you will be notified so you can make another bid. The player will be won by the manager with the highest bid at the end of the auction.

Releasing players

Your team can only have a limited number of players and if you want to add one after the limit has been reached, you need to release a player to make space for more. To release players, go to “More → Team File”.

The best fantasy football games

Fantasy football games have become a commonplace with the rising trend of football matches. In 2019, English Premier League was once again declared the most popular sport with 4.7 billion TV viewers. This rising popularity has led to the widespread use of fantasy football games. FootballCoin, a fantasy football game is now hosting Fantasy Premier league, as well as a Champions league fantasy game. The Champions league game use collectible cards to represent each player and stadium. Like all other fantasy games, the rules and instructions are available in the game. With the level of competition FootballCoin offers, football can be a lot more interesting and challenging. These fantasy football games aim to make football knowledge more common while also providing a source of entertainment for the many footballs fans around the globe.

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