Welcome Your Guests in The Best Style

by James Barret
Welcome Your Guests in The Best Style

Over time, intercoms offering increasingly better sound quality began to appear, and today video intercoms are the most popular. They allow to see and hear guests well, which is why they are the most popular kind of intercoms.

Why are modern video intercoms so innovative?

The video intercom, as the name implies, enables easy communication through image and sound. It is extremely convenient because you can see and hear who standing at your door and intending to visit you. The latest security intercoms have parameters that allow much more than just door communication with a guest at the entrance. Currently, one of the most popular devices on the market are 2N intercoms. They have been equipped with an HD camera, which also has a Night Vision option, thanks to which you can see exactly what is happening at your door during the night. Such an intercom gives you a sense of security because you check who is at your door at any time, which is why 2N intercoms are being installed in an increasing number of houses and apartments. When it comes to home security, intercoms from 2N also have the option of taking a photo of each person who is ringing your doorbell. This photo is automatically sent to your email, so you know exactly who and when was trying to reach you. This option provides the possibility to identify each potential burglar who dares to approach your door.

Check your video intercom using an answering unit or a mobile device

Until now, answering the intercom required lifting the handset at the entrance door. Modern intercoms from 2N can be paired with an innovative answering unit as well as mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Thanks to this, you can check your video intercom from anywhere at home, e.g. the living room, bedroom or even the bathroom. Such an innovative solution, currently used in many smart homes, is being installed by an increasing number of people.

Today’s video intercoms are advanced devices that provide a wide range of possibilities. That is why they are so popular today.

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