What Are Energy Efficient Windows?

by James Barret
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When to Update Windows

Do you have windows that are old? Well, those old windows may be costing you more money than if they were replaced. About 20-25% of energy is lost to old outdated windows. Depending on the severity of damage to the window replacing the window will not be greatly noticeable. From the energy factor, you can save up to $500 a year. Imagine being able to save an extra $500 a year on energy. You can learn about the importance of a window and other ventilations in a room, on this website: http://www.designwithdeb.com

An energy-efficient window can cost in the range of $270 to $800. If there are still single paned windows throughout the house and by removing all the windows. Replacing them with two pane energy efficient windows will make a huge difference in your home. If only replacing one window in the home you will most likely not see a difference in the energy bill.

You may be asking what makes a window energy efficient? Well having multiple panels of glass will help insulate the house more efficiently. Double pane or triple paned windows with high quality wood frames are key features to make a window energy efficient. Low e glass coatings are also applied which has krypton and argon gas filled between the panes. There are also window pane spacers that must be installed. After putting together these correct components you will be on your way to lower the energy bill. Wood installations of double paned windows will cost in the range of $800-1000 per window. The triple paned windows will cost in the range of $900-1250.

The multiple panes windows work by having multiple sheets of glass layered with spacers. By having a multi-layer this will create pockets of air. These pockets are then sealed shut to ensure that no outdoor air will enter. The last thing is they are filled with gas in different layers to increase efficiency.

Making the frame of the window with excellent quality wood is the first part. Composite materials such as vinyl, fiberglass, and clad wood window frames. Avoid aluminum because it doesn’t conduct heat very well. Having the right materials to construct the frame is important to have a great insulation and better airflow during the summer.

The low e glass coatings are one touch that is added to the window. This coating will help with the longevity of the window. These coatings also play a role in keeping the hot air in when its winter and the cool air out when it’s summer. The full spectrum of light can enter but the warm air will stay trapped.

The window gas fills will be one of the final touches to help ensure that their are no air pockets that air could travel through. Argon and krypton are many of the gasses used and it is harmless, odorless, and colorless. This is non-toxic and nothing will harm the safety of the home.

The window spacers are the last thing that will be installed. The spacers need to be placed accurately to spread the panes evenly to ensure the best efficiency.

The siding can either be metal or non metal and will help prevent air from entering from the sides.

Updating to new energy efficient windows will not only help the environment but will also personally help your finances. These windows always come with guarantee and are always installed by professionals. These windows not only will keep the house warmer and cooler during the seasons. Look locally and you will be able to find companies that are willing to answer further questions.

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