How to choose the right bath for your bathroom

by Phume Mdluli

It is not called a bathroom for nothing; the bath you choose for the enclosure dictates the entire bathroom’s design, tone, and structure. It plays a key role in how the space looks and functions. A bathtub can deliver the feeling of calmness and a sense of luxury bundled with self-care. A considered investment in a high-quality bath can change how you perceive the day, and it can alter your mood and even relax you after a long tiring day. You can learn about it on this website:

There are many types of baths, especially the freestanding baths in Australia are trending but so are inset baths. Thus, it becomes difficult to choose a suitable bath for your needs.

Here are some pointers to help you choose the right tub for your ultimate place of relaxation.

  1. Test it!

It may sound odd but do try out the bath before buying. It is easier to adore a bath while gazing at it on the web or in a magazine. While the website or magazine might tell you the exact size, materials, and almost everything, it sure does miss out on the ergonomics.

Do not take ergonomics for granted, as you are looking for a bath that is suited to your body build, is broad enough to fit you and fits itself in your bathroom.

In an ideal bath, you should be able to put your feet against the end of the tub to prevent you from slipping down and rest your arms on the lip of the bath.

Moreover, you should understand the space where you are going to put the tub. Always precisely measure the bath and the room’s dimensions.

  1. Size and Scale

Baths are nothing but objects, and if you pick one that is large for your bathroom, you risk overwhelming the space and stealing thunder from your other bathroom fixtures.

The scale of the bath to other fixtures is significant and leaves some space around the bath. Ideally, one should leave 100 to 300m of space around the tub to make it easier for cleaning.

  1. Location and placing of the tub

If you plan to use your bath as the centerpiece and place it in the centre of your bathroom, you should design the entire bathroom around it. Complementing or contrasting with the materials, tone, and textures must be explored.

If your bath is the first thing visible from your bathroom door, it creates an excellent visual appeal.

If you are looking to promote a sense of symmetry and playing with the clean lines of different fixtures, then placing the bath in the middle is the best option.

  1. Choice of materials

There are great tubs available for $1000 and $30,000, and the difference would be the former one being mass-produced in acrylic, while the latter being carved out of a single marble slab by a prominent designer.

However, if you choose a high-quality acrylic bath, there would be no regrets as their qualities are impeccable, making them last forever.

While acrylic baths get a bad rep for turning yellow with age, sound quality acrylics do not make sure to go with high-quality acrylic.

Acrylic presents itself as the economical alternative to porcelain, stone, and composite materials.

Research deeply about these factors before you go out to buy a freestanding bath in Australia or any other type of bath. The materials, size, and location you choose for your tub influences your choice for other fixtures.

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