7 Tips To Make Your Living Space Feel More Spacious

by Phume Mdluli
Living Space

Small living spaces aren’t aesthetic anymore; to some, it is a major compromise or perhaps the only choice. In cases such as these, you might not be completely okay with minimal space that you’ve managed to get your hands on. So you have to resort to using your space wisely to make the most of it. Read along to find seven useful tips to make your living space appear more spacious than it actually is.

  1. Use layers in your home.

Try to add as many layers in your room as possible. For instance, if you want to add an eye-catching piece to the room, you should consider putting it on a wall, right next to a window, covered with a light curtain. The wallpaper would appear to be a bit farther away when one stands in front of it because it’s tucked behind the simple set of drapes, and that makes the room seem deeper.

  1. Have one dramatic piece of decor as the centre.

Quite simply, adding a carpet can work wonderfully and effectively as a dramatic piece of decor to your home. And what is better, that rugs for confined spaces are more compact and some companies specialise in maintaining these types of carpets. Services such as carpet cleaning in Brisbane northside and surrounding areas might be able to help you with that.

You may also make use of antique furniture or painting as the centre of attention for your room.

  1. Use light as much as possible.

Natural light is known to make rooms appear more prominent, and that’s a fact. Artificial lights work well too, in case you aren’t at a position to be able to install windows in your home. Make use of as much light possible to hit every corner of your room – the more the light is visible, the bigger the room would appear to be, especially the ceiling.

Use large mirrors and shorter drapes to make your walls look longer than they are. The drapes that you use should be as light as possible and allow as much light. Thus, to retain their look and feel, you must maintain them well. Specific services for carpet cleaning in Redlands help you with the same.

  1. Use foldable furniture.

Multiple kinds of foldable furniture are available around the world now. You have foldable desks as well as foldable coffee tables. Certain shelves can be closed into the wall to save space. Some beds fold into the closet to make space for you to sit in during the day.

Multi-purpose furniture is the future of interior designing.

  1. Light colours should be your go-to paint choices.

Pastel colours and shades of white are what you should be using when painting your home to make it look bigger. The light colours on the walls, the decor and the furniture let the light bounce off of them effortlessly. The bouncing off the light makes every corner of the room shine and helps in making it seem to be more spacious and airy.

Additionally, your ceilings must ideally be white. White ceilings, yet again, help reflect light well. This gives the viewer an illusion of the ceiling being much higher than it actually is. Hanging shorter chimes and ceiling decor can also add to the trick.

  1. Use open shelves and barely any tables.

Open shelves with no closed-in sides are useful to prop up visually appealing pieces of decor without making the room look smaller.

You can minimise with your tables too. If possible, get rid of the coffee table entirely or get one with long legs and an open structure to help make the seating area look spacious.

  1. Avert the eyes.

Avert the eyes of anyone walking into the room and draw their attention to the windows or walls. This automatically makes the room appear more spacious. Add a colourful wind chime on the window frame or line potted plants to add greenery. Anything that makes them look outward would help your living space appear more spacious.

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