Excavators in Home Improvement and other Small Construction Projects

by James Barret

There is no doubt that excavators are among the most valuable equipment that are factored into construction projects which are imperative towards completing projects much more efficiently and effectively. However, what exactly makes the excavator such an invaluable piece of equipment and so essential to construction projects eludes many of us who may not be familiar with construction work. Hence, in order to understand the many and varied uses of an excavator it becomes necessary to examine the components that make up an excavator.

Excavators generally consist of what is referred to as a cab/ house, an undercarriage, a boom, the stick, and what is generally regarded as the ‘bucket’. These components are controlled by motors and gears that move the components such as lifting the bucket which is controlled by an operator who sits in the cab or house that contains all the controls for the entire machinery. Although the initial stages of the development excavators were mainly for digging trenches, holes, or foundations and subsequently moving the dug up earth to different locations effectively, their roles have changed due to the advancements in technology. These machines are currently capable of accomplishing a wide variety of other tasks such as flattening ground, compacting soil, demolition and drilling holes among others due to a unique piece of invention known as the hydraulic coupling system. The inclusion of the hydraulic coupling system into excavators and the development of various attachment tools have resulted in a phenomenal transition with regards to the role that excavators play within the construction sphere. When it comes to small excavators, it is common to hire excavator rentals, mini excavators are just as much an important tool, as they are equipped with hydraulic coupling systems that make them critical success factors for small construction projects such as landscaping and home improvement projects. It is due to this among the various pieces of heavy equipment available in the market smaller construction companies look for mini excavators for rent due to the wide range of capabilities that they have due to the hydraulic coupling system.

Excavators have come a long way with regards to what they are used for as initially they were applied to only large construction projects such as forestry, mining and large building projects that required more than just digging. These days, excavators come in all sizes and mini excavators are becoming hugely popular due to their ability to work within small spaces and be able to deliver a substantial level of raw power which limits the use of manual labour. Contractors regularly seek out medium sized excavators for rent to do demolition, dredging rivers, material handling, or moving heavy objects which is commonly required for smaller construction projects which are usually home renovation projects or landscaping jobs.

With such an extensive range of uses afforded by excavators, it only makes sense that project managers regularly seek low cost excavator hire services in order to execute projects more quickly and efficiently as they reduce project costs significantly which is a primary business objective for any construction firm.


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