How Homes in Sydney Get Clogged Drains

by Phume Mdluli

Sydney is the best place to live if you want to start a family or start a new life by yourself. You have well-known neighborhoods to live in, like Croydon, a safe place and has enough amenities to support everyone’s needs. Another fantastic neighborhood in Sydney is Artarmon, which has good rail connectivity and various housing types. You can learn about it on this website:

However, a time will come when you encounter problems within a house, which can ruin any homeowner’s day; specifically blocked drains in Sydney residents experience from time to time. You should know how clogged drains happen to know when to contact professional plumbers to fix them.


When you are taking a bath, it is natural that some of your hair strands will fall off because they are dead or you pulled on them too hard. Unfortunately, your fallen hair has nowhere else to go but towards the drains, which can accumulate after a while if you do not have a hair catcher installed on top of the drain.

Whether it is on the bathtub, shower, or laundry, hair is one of the most common factors contributing to clogged drains in a Sydney homeowner’s plumbing system. The hair can clump up so bad that it can block all of the water that passes through the drains, so you have to watch out if you notice hair getting stuck on the drain cover.


One other residue that can clog drains is soap, and not too many homeowners in Sydney know about it. Soap residue, also known as soap scum, can also clump together like hair after a while. You can find it happening in laundry, bathroom, and shower drains, which reduces the drain pipe’s diameter and prevents liquids from passing through freely.

The soap can also mix with other residues, including dirt and hair, which causes the drains to clog faster. If you want to avoid large clumps of soap from accumulating inside your drains, make sure you visit the nearest home depot within the Sydney area and get a drain catcher. It catches large residues, and you can throw them with ease.

Fat, Oil, and Grease

Other common factors that can clog your drains are fat, oil, and grease. It usually happens when you throw them into your kitchen faucet, which you should never do because they tend to get stuck inside the drain pipes. Even flushing a ton of hot water inside will not remove it because of the large amounts of oil, fat, or grease sticking to the drain pipe’s sides.

The best way you can prevent it is by placing them in a jar or plastic, but you have to cool them down before you place them in a plastic container. And once it cools down, you can throw them in the garbage can and keep your drain pipes clog-free.

Baby Wipes, Sanitary Napkins, and Diapers

Some Sydneysiders tend to dispose of their baby wipes, sanitary napkins, and baby diapers in the toilet because they think they will get flushed to the sewers. They do not know that those products do not disintegrate quickly, and they can get stuck inside the pipes for years. And when your drain pipes get clogged because of them, the plumbing contractors will have a complicated time getting rid of them.

You will have to call a plumbing contractor to fix the worst blocked drains in Sydney have ever encountered if you want to remove the baby wipes and diapers inside the pipes.

Never hesitate to call a plumbing contractor when you start to notice your drain pipes clogging up.

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