How mini excavator hire can speed up plumbing installation on construction sites

by Phume Mdluli

If you’re into the plumbing business, a mini-excavator can be an efficient money-making machine for you. A mini-excavator adds productivity and profitability when it comes to digging for repair or installing plumbing and septic systems.

The plumbing industry has seen growth in recent years but the labor shortage is about to plague the industry. For such situations, it is handy to automate your work with machines like mini-excavator besides going for the option of manual labor. If your next plumbing venture involves removing and replacing old pipes outside a building, make sure to use a mini excavator hire to maximize your profit margins.

Speed adds profitability

A mini-excavator can help you in digging and backfilling trenches needed for pipe installation on large commercial projects. For renovation projects that involve replacing old-pipes, you can use a mini-ex to dig and install. Mini-excavator is ideal for such jobs because in most situations the space is confined and limited.

Because of the speed of hydraulics, you can do an enormous amount of work in one day comparing with the slow pace of other machines like a backhoe. With zero tail-swing you can move dirt around so much more efficiently than a backhoe, which can only push dirt to the sides. You can just take your excavator next to a house very efficiently and do what needs to be done with much less shovel work.

Quick dress up and satisfied customers

After you’ve completed replacing the pipes in the yard, the last stage is to dress it up with minimal damage to the landscape, lawn, and sidewalks. That’s where the small footprint of mini gives you an upper hand. You can even attach a dozer blade to make finishing easy and simple. With a small footprint and weight-distributing rubber tracks, you won’t even leave a mark or imprint of the machine on the grass.

You can complete such plumbing jobs in almost half the time it used to take with shovels and rakes. The quick turnout, clean yard look, and quality of your plumbing work will translate into a 5-star rating and satisfied customers.

Maintenance is not a hassle anymore

By using a mini excavator rental you are assured a very well-engineered machine without the need to worry about maintenance costs, too. You just have to keep all the machine parts properly greased and change the engine oil regularly. You never have to worry about the normal wear and tear on the tracks. The excavator just keeps on running, without engine problem. Even if things go south, like if the tracks lose tensions; you can quickly adjust that in five minutes.

The bottom Line

In the plumbing industry, you need to fight competition and do jobs neatly and quickly. There’s no doubt that profitability stems directly from doing quality work as quickly as possible. With mini-excavator you can undertake work in one day that used to take one and a half or even two days manually. So, if you want to take your plumbing business to the very next level, make sure to hire a mini-excavator.

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