How to Find the Right Toronto Impaired Driving Lawyer for DUI Charges

by James Barret

Of all the charges pressed against impaired driving, at least 46% manage not to be found guilty. Although the percentage is not as large as that of those convicted, it shows there is a chance when you invest in the right Toronto impaired driving lawyer.

Do not be in haste to find a Toronto impaired driving lawyer for a quick fix because that is how you will fail terribly. Ernst Ashurov Lawyer advises that you take time to learn the type of criminal defense lawyer you need. The following will help you learn more about DUI offences and how to get the right DUI lawyer. Take a gander.

Terms that Impaired Driving Refer:

  • Refusing and/failing to give a breath sample when requested.
  • Driving, being in care, or control of a car when the level of alcohol in your blood is exceeding the legal limit.
  • Driving, being in care, or control of a car when your judgment is impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Investigation of the Impaired Driving

Impaired driving investigation starts at the roadside. The police pick cars randomly, especially those they suspect being driven by intoxicated persons.

Once you pull over, the officer starts assessing you by requesting for your driver’s license. If they are convinced you are intoxicated, they ask for a breathe sample. You have a right to a Toronto impaired driving lawyer if the police find your sample intoxicated and arrest you. More samples are then taken from you to present in court.

Driving Suspension

When charged with impaired driving, there are some penalties you cannot avoid, whether found guilty or not. Your license gets suspended for 90 days while your car gets impounded for 7 days.

The sentence for Impaired Driving

Charges for impaired driving are heavy to ensure drivers are more careful when driving. The minimum fine is usually $ 1,000 and probation of one year in driving. This penalty is the least, and only applies to those charged for the first time. The maximum penalty for impaired driving is 5 years.

When you are convicted of impaired driving and involved in bodily harm, you can have a jail term not exceeding 10 years. In cases where death is caused, a lifetime sentence is applicable.

Ignition Interlock Program

Ignition interlock program is government-based, and allow drivers to continue driving despite being convicted of impaired driving. An ignition interlock device is installed in your car and does not allow you to drive when you have alcohol in your body.

To be eligible for this program, you have to have finished three months after you were convicted for impaired driving. This period is for the first-timers. Second-time offenders have to wait for six months and twelve months for third-time offenders.

However, the court has to allow you to participate in this program. Ensure your Toronto impaired driving lawyer is good enough to convince the court to permit you if you are interested in the program.

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