How To Organise Your Wedding Photos Into An Album

by Phume Mdluli
wedding photo albums

How you choose to display the photos of your wedding day, in elegant and stylish wedding photo albums, can make a huge difference to viewer enjoyment. Organising your wedding photos in a professional manner is easy to do, and produces excellent results.

With a little effort, you can improve the layout of the album’s high quality paper pages, and the overall design of your wedding photo book. You’ll also create a stunning personalised keepsake that you can treasure throughout your married life.

Make Photo Quality A Priority

It’s common for newly wedded couples to end up with a huge pile of images of their special day, taken by professional and amateur photographers. Some of the shots are likely to be fairly similar in pose, but may differ in photographic quality. To ensure that your wedding photo albums look tip-top, it’s essential that you prioritise photo quality, when choosing which photographs to feature and proudly display.

Your number one choice should definitely be the photographs that boast a higher resolution. The high-res images will highlight sharp focus, good lighting and excellent posing, and will help you to create a stunning portfolio of one of the happiest days in your life.

If your family members and friends are contributing to your wedding photo book, it’s highly recommended that you use a photo-sharing app like Dropbox to improve the quality of lower resolution photos. It’s also a good idea to create an alternative photo album that solely showcases ‘friends & family’ works of photographic art.

Get Organised

There’s no doubt that it can be overwhelming to be tasked with selecting only the very best wedding photos for your spectacular photo book display. To make the job of photograph selection much easier, it’s helpful to adopt a practical approach to organising your printed photos.

Take a look through all of the photographs of your wedding, and patiently sort them into three piles – poor quality, good, and excellent. Blurry and out of focus shots belong in the ‘poor quality’ pile. The ‘good’ snap selection is likely to be the most generous in size, so it’s wise to be picky about which photos are worthy of display. High-resolution photos will of course be destined for the ‘excellent’ heap.

As you sift through the images, you could narrow down the choice further by grouping them into various sub-categories – bride, groom, family, the bridal party, friends, location etc. Once you’ve sorted your favourite photographs, you can begin to select between 150-200 photos for a standard 90-page photo album.

Choose The Perfect Photo Album

While many people choose to go digital with their photography, when it comes to creating a perfect wedding album, analogue and traditional gets most newly wed couples’ votes.

Choose an elegant and bespoke photo book that flaunts coffee table styling, with a softback, hardback or luxury fabric cover that enhances the arrangement of wedding photos that are displayed inside. You can feature a striking, high-quality image on the front, or customise the cover with a typography title or chic, gilded monograms.

To complement your main event wedding photo book, you could also create additional smaller albums. Parents will be delighted to receive a mini brag photo book that includes 10 snaps of the happy couple that they can proudly show off to all of their friends. Family members and friends contributing to your collection of wedding images will be pleased to view them in a personalised photo book that is specially reserved.

Show & Tell Your Love Story

To surprise, mesmerise and wow everyone who picks up your photo book, to browse the photographs that captured the romance and magic of your wedding day, it’s essential that you display your collection in a visually appealing manner that tells a story.

Your wedding photographs should evoke emotion, whilst also showing a sequence of action, and featuring finer details. Double-page spreads allow you to set the scene by introducing the location, atmosphere, weather, and key characters of your special day.

It’s customary to begin your photo display with a variety of shots that were candidly captured at the start of your wedding day. Continue in a chronological order, to give the viewer a feel of what it was like to be personally in attendance at your nuptials.

Present stunning posed shots of you and your spouse throughout the pages of your luxury photo book, and across 2-5 double-page spreads. You can also reserve 2-4 double-pages to feature shots of a large family group or a bunch of friends.

Your favourte portraits deserve centre page feature, and 2-5 double spreads. If your wedding photo albums are modern and layflat in design, you’ll be able to effortlessly create a professional quality display that is worthy of featuring in a stylish and glossy magazine. Surrounding your images with crisp, white borders and empty spaces can transform snaps into works of art.

Show off the big moments of your wedding ceremony and the reception, and leave room for beautiful photos of sentimental accessories, the extravagant wedding cake, and anything else that is gorgeous or intriguing.

Choose your favourite photo that perfectly sums up your wonderful wedding experience, and use it to end the romantic love story display. A great send-off shot, or a close up of an intimate moment or a passionate kiss, offer excellent options for a wow factor, closing scene of your love story.

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