How to Prepare for Life After Pregnancy

by Phume Mdluli
After Pregnancy

Having a baby is a major life event. If you’re still pregnant, it’s a good idea to have a plan for after your pregnancy to make your transition home smoother. From finding the right undergarments and making time for self-care to making your mental health and relationships a priority after pregnancy, being aware of what might come next is a great way to be prepared. If you’re about to become a first-time new mom or have experience and need postpartum reminders, read on for ways to prepare for life after pregnancy. You can learn about the post-pregnancy best practices to take care of your health as well as newborns health, on this website:

Finding the Right Undergarments

Any woman who’s delivered a baby can tell you that regular underwear might not be the best option immediately following birth. The great news is that there are many options when it comes to postpartum underwear, including disposable postpartum underwear that will make caring for any incisions or tears easier shortly after birth. Start with a visit to Truly Mama for tips in this area. A great resource for advice, tips, baby products, guides, and everything motherhood and pregnancy, they may be able to help you decide what type of underwear to buy first.

When searching for the right postpartum underwear, pads, or the best undies for breathability, you might also want to look into bra shields. Whether you’ll be breastfeeding or not, it’s normal to experience leaks and swelling as your milk comes in and having bra shields on hand, along with those postpartum undies, could be a great way to go in prepared. In fact, buying both these products ahead of time and tucking some into your hospital bag is a plan you’ll likely thank yourself for after your baby comes.

Making Time for Self Care

The first weeks after pregnancy will be busy for any new mom. From trying to get your baby on a sleep and eating schedule to managing sensitive nipples, skin irritations, and finding the right nursing bras, there will be many things to juggle early on in your postpartum recovery. It’s important to take time for self-care during these early weeks in the postpartum period. Not only will this ensure a calm and happier environment for your baby, but it will help you through the hormone swings that come with having a baby.

Ask your partner or a family member to help out for a few hours a week when you can take some time for yourself doing something you love. Whether it’s reading a book, taking a long shower, or even catching a nap while someone else rocks the baby, ensuring you get some rest and time off could make a big difference during your recovery from giving birth. For more information on how partners may be helpful during pregnancy, visit this website:

Spotting Serious Post Pregnancy Issues

If you feel yourself struggling with symptoms of depression, lack of interest in bonding with your baby, or extreme mood swings, it will be important to get some extra support sooner than later. It’s perfectly natural for a postpartum body to experience changes, including changes in mood, but if you’re concerned about how down you’re feeling, be sure to reach out to your doctor. They can help you to relieve the symptoms that can often come with the postpartum period mentally.

Bonding with your Baby and Partner after Pregnancy

Well-meaning friends and family members will likely be eager to spend extra time with you, your partner, and your baby after delivery. It’s important to establish boundaries ahead of time. Have an honest conversation with your partner about the amount of time you’ll need alone as a family and do what you can to stick to it. While extra help is great, it’s important you are able to bond as a unit, too.

Few life events are as big as having a baby. As a mom who might be worried about how to care for a c-section scar or where to find the best postpartum underwear, the first thing to do will be to remind yourself of what a big thing you’ve already accomplished. By bringing new life into the world, you already know how strong you are. As you enter or prepare for postpartum life, doing a little research on how to make the transition easier is a great option for any new mom. Make sure to be as patient with yourself as you are with your baby during your own postpartum recovery. You’ll come out happier and healthier for it.

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