Important Dog Health Checks for Winter

by Phume Mdluli

Winter can be a difficult time for us all, especially when it comes to staying healthy. With so many buys going around it’s almost impossible to stay away from colds and flu and just like humans, our dogs can pick up illnesses too. Winter is a really important time to carry out health checks on your dog, especially if they’re in the senior stage of life. You can learn about the best way to take care of your pets, on this website:

Here are just some of the essential checks you should be doing to ensure your pooch is happy throughout the winter months.

Skin and Coat Checks

Just like humans, a dog’s skin can become dry and sore during the winter. The cold weather is terrible for causing skin to dry out and the rain can cause skin to become itchy and sore. Similarly, it’s important to check your dog for fleas and ticks, as these can also be a pain to tackle when winter arrives. It’s also essential to treat your dog for fleas before they actually catch them, with quality products like these Advantage Spot On supplements to help keep the fleas at bay. If you’re unsure you can always take your dog to the vets to have them properly checked and if necessary, purchase the right flea tablets from them.

Eye Checks

When you look at your pooch, you should see a shiny set of beady eyes staring back at you. If your dog’s eyes look red, swollen or sore then you need to take them to the vets or invest in some proper eye treatment for them. Ideally, your dog’s eyes should be clear or any running liquid, and white around the eye area. You often find that dogs can pick up conjunctivitis which can cause their eyes to become runny and sore, so it’s important to identify this as soon as possible in order to get them the treatment they need.

Paws and Nail Checks

During the winter, bad weather conditions can have a really bad effect on your dog’s paws. For example, the ice can be so harsh it can cause your dog’s paw pads to tear or become sore, which can be hard to avoid when out on your daily walks. If you notice that your dog’s paws are looking sore, then you should try hard to keep them on soft ground and avoid going for long walks when the paths are particularly icy.

Mobility Checks

It applies for humans and pets, but when the cold weather sets in mobility and joints can become slow and sore. There are lots of great supplements available on the market that you can invest in to help keep your dog healthy and active. One of the most popular supplements for dog joint care is from the industry leaders, Vet IQ, who sell a number of quality products for you to choose from. If you’re unsure on which is the best for your pet, speak to your vet or take a look at Vet IQ’s pet care posts to find out a little more.

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