What Is a Pacifier Mouthguard?

by Phume Mdluli

Whenever you head out onto the field to play football, baseball, basketball or whatever you are into, you want to make sure your teeth and gums are protected. The pacifier mouthguard accomplishes that and so much more. It also safeguards your lips, and it is available in an array of designs to match your personality. With the right custom mouthguard, you will feel confident to play your favorite sport at the top of your game.

What Is the Purpose?

The pacifier mouthguard was invented around the same time as face masks for helmets. It was designed to protect both the teeth and lips of football players without impairing their vision. That way they could see out of the front of the helmet while still having all of the protection they needed. Additionally, the design ensured that it could not be lodged into the player’s throats. Naturally, with sports like football, high impact plays are common. With this product, the player can simply spit it out at the end of the play and put it back in with ease.

How Does It Protect You?

The pacifier serves as a buffer between the teeth and the soft tissues inside your mouth. Otherwise, tackles and other injuries could result in lacerations. The pacifier also helps with protecting the jaw as a whole. It provides cushioning to the jaw, so in the event of an impact, it reduces the likelihood of developing a fracture. Without it, injuries could cost thousands of dollars to repair, and players would not be able to play the sport for months. The pacifier mouthguard gives you the peace of mind you need to play your favorite sport.

What Are Other Benefits?

When you get a pacifier mouthguard, it is perfectly customized for your mouth. Other mouthguards exist, but for the best protection, you need one that fits perfectly in your mouth. No boiling is required. Your mouthguard simply arrives in the mail, and it is ready to go. It is a particularly great option for football players who wear braces. Other mouthguards may not work as well, but a pacifier will still fit ideally. From there, it is just a matter of deciding what color and design you want.

A pacifier mouthguard is not only great for football players. It can also be used for lacrosse and karate. Without sufficient protection, your teeth could break or fall out. With a preventative dental care device, you can play to your heart’s content without fear.

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