10 tips so that your Move will not Chaos because of RBR Moving

by Phume Mdluli

Before you start sleeping in that new home, you have to collect everything and take it to the new address. You have to get down working with a procedure that can be crazy if you do not know how to proceed.

If you do not want your move to be out of control, put the brakes on before starting to buy cheap cardboard boxes. We are going to help you with some tips that will come in handy to organize properly and, above all, to know how to act at all times. RBR Moving can become an art, so it is advisable to follow certain guidelines to ensure that the result is the best possible.

A total of 10 key tips that every person who is going to move needs to know and that, we guarantee, will make everything much easier and bearable. Poorly organized moves can be chaos and, instead of taking a day, can last a whole week. However, you should not worry because, if you pay attention and apply what we explain here, it will not happen to you. Further, with RBR moving you will not chaos and can focus on your multiple tasks at a time.

10 keys to making a good move

These are the 10 keys to have a perfect and easy move. Follow them and you will see how everything is much easier, not only when moving everything, but also getting used to the new home.

1. Delete what you do not want

Before you start packing things, you should look at everything at home and start screening. What do you really need? What do you consider you are not going to use? Go over it all and eliminate the unnecessary. The less you have to bring to the new home, the better.

2. Don’t empty all the drawers

The usual thing is to empty everything into the boxes; but, if you have a cabinet full of drawers that you can move, why not leave everything inside? In this way, when you put the furniture back in the new house, everything that was inside will continue where it was. It seems not, but it is something that is quite useful to avoid moving into the new house.

3. If you are going to paint, do it before you move

In case you have decided that you have to paint the new house, do it before you move. Without furniture or anything that could disturb, it is much easier to give those coats of paint to each room and part of the house. In fact, if there is any reform or repair to be done, it is also ideal for you to decide before taking the first box.

4. Buy plants

If, for some reason, you cannot take the house plants to the new address, go and buy new ones. Having your things and part of your furniture is fine, but also having a little more life and color and freshness is phenomenal. It is one of the first things you have to buy when you go to move, and we especially emphasize it because of how it shows when there are plants in a home.

5. Everything soft, always in garbage bags

Anything that is clothing and soft objects is better to go in garbage bags instead of boxes. Thus, it is much easier to move it from one place to another and, in addition, you do not need to spend more boxes. This also helps because it makes the most of the spaces in the van or used cars to move things. Also, it lets you reserve the boxes for other things that do need them.

6. Take it easy when you get to your new home

Adapting is something that always takes time. Don’t worry if you feel strange in your new home upon arrival, even before your stay in it. People are animals of customs and we always have to calmly adapt to each new change, especially when it is something as important as a home. If you take it easy, you will see how little by little you get to your new house.

7. Don’t lose your nerves during the move

It is common for crises to arise when making a move. Take a little longer packing a box, a nostalgic attack on a photo, or a memory, something you do not know whether to throw or not … Try to stay calm at all times so as not to lose your temper when loading things. You will save yourself the annoyance and you will save time in all this.

8. Prepare to shop

You are going to have to store food in the new days in the new house. In addition, it is usual that when making the move you see things that were broken and no longer have a fix. Do not worry; shopping is part of any move.

9. Find out about the services close to your new home

Have very localized stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, and everything that surrounds your new home. During the move, it may be necessary to buy some food or go anywhere for help. Even once established, you may have to change companies for what services.

10. Throw more things

We have said it before, but we insist. The sentimental value of the material is sometimes nothing more than a nuisance. Throw out what is unnecessary, it will make things easier for you. With all the points of RBR moving proves helpful in your moving.

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