6 Reasons to Invest in A Blancpain Watch

by Phume Mdluli
Blancpain Watch

If we get to choose the best luxury watches, of course, we will choose the brands that have withstood the test of time. Heritage and prestige are important things to look for in a luxury watch you will trust. You will see here how they have maintained strong amid the changes of the times. They have not only caught up to the fast-paced and changing industry–they also become trailblazers to the innovation and greatness of the watch industry. Today, we will talk about one of the most prestigious luxury watches that have been around for more than two or three centuries! If you are thinking of investing in a luxury watch, you will never go wrong with choosing this brand. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Blancpain!

1. Tried and tested prestige

We have mentioned that Blancpain is one of the brands that you may think of as the pioneers of the watch industry. To this day, they still remain a strong brand. That just shows you how reliable they are when it comes to manufacturing watches. Watch experts even say that Blancpain is the oldest watch brand in the world! Its founder Jehan-Jacques Blancpain became a registered horologer as early as 1735, based on an entry in Villeret municipality’s records of official property. Since then, it is remarkable that the brand has stayed strong throughout different setbacks and crises, including the Quartz crisis—which we will talk about later. If you are going to invest in a luxury watch, it is just smart to put all your bets on a tried and tested watch such as Blancpain who has practiced its craft maybe even before 1735!

2. Bold and avant-garde yet timeless

You must be wondering right now about how Blancpain stayed afloat throughout the years. Well, this is your answer! They maintained one foot back and another in front. But tradition does not weigh them down. Instead, they use it to boost them towards the future—towards advancement, innovation, bold experimentation, and more!

What watch experts appreciate about Blancpain is that it has mastered all the processes of manufacturing watches, down to the creating and producing movements. Not a lot of watchmaking companies can do this. In fact, this is rare. They have workshops in Le Brassus and Le Sentier where they handle the fabrication processes step by step. From researching and developing their watches, down to assembling them and adding decorations, they do everything in-house—even quality control! They even create the tools they use for creating watches to ensure that the Blancpain heritage remains intact as they tread through different innovations. Their commitment to their craft is truly remarkable!

3. A true steward of nature

Have you heard about the recent news about the ocean on fire? It truly reminds us how our environment is in serious need of help and preservation. You might agree with Blancpain if you think the same thing!

Blancpain stays committed to its advocacy for preserving the ocean. The luxury watch brand never ceases to support relevant activities and plans for the good of our oceans since 1935 when they released the Fifty Fathoms. The company even formed a committee, the Blancpain Ocean Committee or BOC. They made this happen with the help of partnerships like the Economist Group’s World Ocean Initiative and the Pristine Seas expeditions. They even support the annual World Oceans Day at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York. They released BOC watches too! They released these limited-edition watches in 2014, 2016, and 2018. With every sale from these collections, they donate €1,000 for protecting the ocean.

4. Pro-woman

Gone are the days when luxury watches were only for men. It is quite symbolic that one of the oldest watchmaking companies in the world was also one of those who geared towards creating mechanical watches for women! Yes, you read that right! The brand is one of the trailblazers when it comes to creating mechanical watches with small movements for women.

Blancpain is the first brand to create an automatic wristwatch for women in 1930 called Rolls. This watch boasts 15 jewels on a narrow watch with a self-winding movement. It even has a sliding system that allows you to wind its mechanism. After the Rolls, they released the Ladybird in 1956. This one has the tiniest round movement during its time. It has miniature elements that only expert watchmakers can pull off. All of these would not be possible without Blancpain who also has the first female CEO of Swiss watchmaking companies in 1933, Betty Fiechter.

5. A true trailblazer

We have mentioned Blancpain being a trailblazer in recent points. Jean-Jacques Fiechter proved this when the brand created the first models of the Fifty Fathoms in 1953. These significant inventions were solutions for the timekeeping challenges during the time diving were huge. The watch has a double-sealed crown and a second seal inside which will protect the crown from being accidentally pulled out while under the sea. After this, France used the Fifty Fathoms for their navy and diving troops. Other countries followed.

6. Exclusive mechanical watch brand

We mentioned the Quartz crisis. You might be curious about what they did to stay afloat. During the Quartz revolution and other crises brought by the global recession in the 1970s and 1080s, the Swiss watchmaking industry dramatically declined. About two-thirds of the watchmaking industry’s employees lost their jobs. Owners of Blancpain and Piguet started a campaign to never create Quartz watches ever and to bank on the exclusivity of mechanical watches by limiting their creation. The result? Blancpain brought back the mechanical watches industry in Switzerland in the market and its sales rose about four times!

A sure investment with state-of-the-art designs

Here are just some of the reasons why it is wise to invest in a Blancpain watch. More than the reasons above, you should also check how wonderful their designs are online! For sure, they have the right watch that suits your tastes and lifestyle. Check out WatchShopping!

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