Be Fashionable Like Your Favorite Fashion Icons

by Phume Mdluli
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Fashion is a continuously evolving industry – some fashion trends and styles stay timeless, while some are like the rainbow — fabulous, but just for a moment. It is an interesting degree, especially if your eye for what’s amazing and the creativity to design.

If you are worried because you don’t have an artistic or fashion background, don’t fret. Many types of fashion degrees don’t just focus on studying fashion. It also involves business management and merchandising. If you believe that you are a fashion icon in the making, then continue reading this article.

What are the other types of fashion courses?

A common mistake of many is that when they hear the word fashion, the first scenario that comes to their minds is – sewing. But no, fashion is a very diverse industry that involves more than just sewing clothes, designing, and fabrics. Here are three of the most common enrolled fashion degrees and courses that you can check:

  • Applied Fashion Design & Merchandising

If you are an aspiring fashion creator, this is the right track for you. This course mainly focuses on helping you with conceptualization, illustration through digital pattern making, other sewing techniques and many more. Aside from these, it also focuses on helping you strategize your business and making a presence in the market. The competition in the fashion industry is very rigid. Therefore, business analysis is very relevant, especially if you want to have a competitive mark in the industry. You can take this course for a year to get a certificate, or it can be a 2-3 years course as a degree.

  • Bachelor of Fashion Business

Fashion is a very diverse industry. You need to look into the bigger picture if you want to enter this industry. This course will truly widen your ideas and perspectives towards fashion and benefit you greatly if you want to handle or create a fashion-related business. It mainly focuses on exploring different textiles, knowing the fashion histories, and moulding your business and communication skills – this includes proper branding and marketing strategies through digital platforms and business management. This undergraduate course is taken up to 3 years, and if you opt to take the undergraduate certificate, it’ll only take you three months.

  • Fashion Management

If you are interested in putting up a business related to the fashion industry but don’t know how to properly showcase your products in the market, this is the right course for you. This course doesn’t focus too much on the fashion industry, but it emphasizes buyers’ behaviour towards fashion trends. In this way, it can help you strategize, handle and plan your business properly. This course lasts for only three months, and it is your choice if you want to pursue fashion-focused courses.

Aside from these three, you can still check out other short courses available at different institutions. But, again, short courses are the best option, especially if you see fashion as a supplemental aspect of your daily life.

Sew your passion for fashion.

Possibilities in the fashion industry are limitless given the unending support and patronization of people towards it. Not all talents in creativity and design are given. Some can be honed, moulded and learned in formal institutions. So why not give it a try?

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